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Day 6 (Prologue)😅

Friday we did some Grubhub deliveries and then… BOOM! we were hit with a thunderbolt of inspiration. I spent all of yesterday acting on that inspiration.

Also I’m changing the Site’s tagline.

I’m Talking…

Do You Even Care? Do I?

I want The110Exec to be a platform where we “talk about everything.” I’ve said this before, and we’ve been all over the place and we just confuse people!😅 I get it…

Still, it’s where my heart is, and how my brain functions. I don’t think that’s an issue. I believe the issue is that I don’t make the real attempt at engaging others! SOOO… I want to change that!

Maybe, If I…

Tweak this… and…

Lately, I’ve been posting more on my “PUBLIC FIGURE” Facebook profile. Instead of just sharing these posts, that already see limited engagement or complaining about something(it’s a personal blog, I can do that!😅)

I posted a meme dealing with Andrew Tate’s arrest and a straight forward question, if anyone felt that Damar Hamlin, Safety of the Buffalo Bills, was being used as a “token” by mainstream media.

A Ripple

The results have been interesting on both posts! There are opposing views, but that’s the most beautiful thing; people are showing up to share their views! Even commenting with each other with no input from me. It was beautiful!😊

It’s Aliiive!!!🧟‍♀️

Day 6 (Revisited)😅

The “Day” itself went something like this:

•We set up 4 Shipt deliveries and dropped[didn’t deliver] all 4 (unexcutive-like)

•We pivot and do a couple of Grubhub orders

•We get the epiphany about changing the site tagline, our mantra going forward [JOIN THE CONVERSATION]

•Piggybacking off of the said epiphany I started thinking about how to properly get what content where.

•Done with our deliveries, we went home, cooked some comida, then started putting the plan into action!{raises pinky to the corner of mouth 🤙😏*film reference*}

Bacon, Cream Cheese, Grape Jelly On Ciabatta 🥓

**-While, I will go into the “Plan” in a different blog post I will share the notes as I jotted them at the time.

Seems Legit🤷🏾‍♂️…

Then I ate. Laid it down. And Hit the Snooze!😴

365 Days(An Epilogue)🤣

I’m actually really enjoying documenting every day. I’m not so concerned of having to have a post up at a certain time or following a proper schedule I’m really doing this particular thread for myself as much for others. Still, for all invested I will try to post as close to real time as possible(as convenience allows) and HOPEFULLY we will see a gradual growth in the quality and ENGAGEMENT!😅

ANYWAY, January 10th is when we unleash the kraken!(niché)😂

Executive, to any of you who suffer through these insufferable passages and ramblings,I thank you, wish you well and I bid you adieu. Peace!

-Kai 🖤🗽✌🏾

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