No Sleep Till Brooklyn!

Day 5 of 365 executives, I never went home…

I parked up in Brooklyn and slept in Archie. It was actually very nice 😊

Like I said Yesterday I think I had a bit of cabin fever. And while I didn’t quite achieve my goals for the day yesterday I did get out of the house and today feels a lot easier if that makes sense.

Went to this toy store called toy space(saw somewhere that it is the number 1 toy store in New York City and when I get there it’s closed and not just closed for the day it’s closed for business the only thing still there is the awning.

But I got there. Yesterday, I told myself I was going to check it out and was in this weird head space. I felt like I was having an episode.

But back to today!

Anyway, today I wake up in Canarsie. Well… It’s not like I really slept through the night either. It “was giving insomnia” as the kids like to say😅(I’m not that old) but anyway I parked up in a little cut over in Canarsie and just laid there. Coming in and out of it.(I do smoke pot but I don’t do any other substances.

When I woke up I started taking pictures of where I was and from there I’ve been trying to get some shots. It’s fun. (We started in Canarsie, worked our way to Williamsburg and then Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, East New York and Brownsville)

I won’t be able to upload the photos from today until tomorrow, but that’s ok😅 Most important is that we’ve been seeing a big surge in Facebook traffic and need to find a way to incorporate that influx or at least plug the blog in there better to drive more eyes there.

The best part about the surge is that it’s mainly meaningful interaction; engagement. So, find a way to maybe write a piece and then use Facebook as a way of “talking about it” with the audience.

This one doesn’t have photos, headings or proper grammar(maybe, but again, our goal is posting every day, even if that means stumbling across the finish.

PS. We’re going to try the Lego store in White Plains tomorrow😊

Executives, be well.

-Kai 🖤🗽✌🏾

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