Day 4: Analysis Paralysis

Right, executives, so this is day 4 of 365. Today’s been really weird. Actually, I originally planned on going out and buying my Son birthday gifts, and then I wanted to go and shoot some photos for the blog, for thumbnails. But for whatever reason I got the worst case of like analysis paralysis and it’s kind of been issue with me for a while now, a couple weeks but I’ve been able to work through it for the most part, or at the very least I’m working from home, so I can just kind of come back to stuff periodically and it isn’t really a detriment.

Cabin fever

But we’ve been going stir crazy so we had to go out.

Long story short, we got absolutely nothing done today… We just sat in the car for hours on end. Silver lining of the whole day is that we remembered that we can connect our phone to the canon and use it to shoot photos. (This one is actually a huge deal!)

I may take a selfie a day…

I’m going to cut this one short. I don’t want to linger on today, use it as learning experience and move on.

Executives, be well. -Kai 🖤🗽✌🏾

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