Day 3 of 365


Today’s Passion Project😅

Yesterday was crazy! Even though this post will deal with today, humor me.☺️ I had everything ready for a roughly 11:55PM upload time yesterday and like Swiss time everything starts glitching it’s 11:58PM, I still need to add a featured photo for a thumbnail and add tags to the post. I squeeze by the skin of my teeth and hit “publish.”

I switch over to Facebook because the posts usually automatically upload from WordPress to Facebook also and I don’t see it. I panic. I switch back to WordPress and I’m confused and stressed because it’s midnight technically, January 3rd BUT on WordPress it’s published 1/2/23 so We made the deadline.

That was drawn out but the reason why it’s so important is I usually have this happen and the post won’t upload and it REALLY has a negative effect morale-wise. I like to think in the last couple years I’ve developed a sense of discipline and confidence from that discipline, that when I can’t follow through on something that should be so simple… I feel like a complete fraud. All of last year, when the blog picked up and started to see traffic it was such a boost to the system and then the drop off was heartbreaking. But the thing is I would have to accept that it was a byproduct of my inconsistency.

I’m rambling, right? What I’m saying is that I feel like the under the gun feeling was the reminder, if you will. But the final push over the finish line, at the clock was sign of things to come. It also just feels good.😅

Afternoon Check-In

Day before yesterday’s only thumbnail.

It’s 3PM and not only have I not done a single tumbnail but the one project I’m working on is using so much ram I want to cry, but… I like the way it’s coming out and I think the patience this particular “project” is taking will translate to us getting through the actual thumbnails with some relative ease.

It feels like work, but it doesn’t, at the same time and that’s what I want this to feel like in general.


Right, so that took so long!🤣 I need a bigger processor! It’s about 7:15PM and I’m starting to hit the wall; tired. Oddly enough I spent the entire day working on this one project, which happens to be a cover photo.

It tested my patience and my discipline. I was able to sit down and finish this task and not worry about other things. I had blinders on. But, I set an alarm for an hour I’ll check back in😅

10:53 PM

Tomorrow we’ll aim for an earlier upload time for the sake of comfort, I hate posting so close to the end of the day. The bright side is that we pieced today together as it happened, which made the overall process very relaxing.

Also, we will try to get some thumbnails done and first drafts out of the way.

The Long Blink?!

Look at this shit!… who took this?!😅

Dude, 11:15PM, I’m laying down, I’m done with the post and blink… open my eyes, it’s 12:35AM 😅 Considering how we started this posts, it’s ironic but it’s ok because we very much finished at 10:53PM(1/3/23) So we’re good! No one else cares anyway🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Executives, I hope you’re day was decent enough. Peace!

-Kai 🖤🗽✌🏾

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