January 2, 2023

No Games

I wasn’t playing with them, Executives!(I don’t know who “them” is… anyway!😅) We woke up with a sense of urgency and purpose! I felt like Rocky jogging through Philly prepping for the Apollo Creed fight!

Early Worm, Or Bird?…

We started the day around 3AM which is pretty standard for us, a little later than usual actually. We’re usually out the door by 2:30-2:45ish to start our paper route, but true-to-Form I got myself suspended(maybe, I’m the problem?🤔😅) Levity aside, I’ve been doing really well there and I genuinely enjoy it. My issue was I “no-called, no-showed” like a teenager.

I’m rambling, I stopped at my job and talked about going back to work and I was told to expect a call.(We’ve been stopping-in every couple nights to show we’re serious about coming back)

La Casa

Behold, the Board

From there, the goal was come home and flesh out our “content.” I originally wanted to use flash cards; write the general topic on one side and then flip it over and break it down into smaller sun-points. After one card we decided to do it on our phone/MacBook notes to streamline the process which it did.


We must’ve done close to 30 topics but that isn’t to say we’re done. The idea is that like the flash cards the notes will serve as a general outline for how we go about writing our first drafts; blog and podcasts.


I don’t want to get too long winded or bore anyone but🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m using the outline to also help me construct thumbnails for the topics and episodes. An example would be, let’s say an episode is dealing with Andrew Tate, who is very popular as of late, we would use something from the outline that we will talk about in the episode. Like how he was arrested supposedly after tweet-beef with Greta Thunberg, the 19-year old Climate Activist. We would put something together with photoshop and then have it as another reference, a visual reference to feed off of energy-wise.

It all feeds each other 😅


I feel really good about how we’re attacking the content creating approach, even these check-ins. While this is only the second entry and technically I’m writing it still, but it feels a lot more “expressive” like I’m just sharing my thoughts, there isn’t any pretentious need to be clever. It’s inspiring for a writer, liberating.


We documented the day via video also, but it was very chaotic, and to be honest, I don’t want to stretch myself too thin too early. Meaning, recording footage real-time is fine and no extra effort, but editing it alongside everything else to have everything up at once is FUCKING OUT THIS YEAR!😤 “Pardon my French,” but that’s a bit much.

A Different Thing

But I said before, I kind of want to have the blog and podcast be companion pieces and I want to have visuals for the podcast going forward but we’re documenting the days as a whole for future use in Vlog form so, we’re good there.

Paz. Peace. Arrivederci!

Executives, Day 2 of 365, I won’t get ahead of myself, but I’d like to say I’ll be checking in tomorrow!😅


Pardon any typos or mistakes, grammatically, we’re on a fourth quarter drive down field in the shotgun formation!😅 Executives!


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