Fail. Fail. Fly Pelican!… (Template For 30-Day Challenge)

Right, Executives, It’s Me!… No, but seriously, we took it upon ourself to just stop the “30 day challenge” short because we weren’t really moving in any direction. It was pretty much “I guess THIS is content” let’s upload this, but it was very uninspired.

This isn’t so much a post as much as it is an explanation of what to expect from these posts going forwards (we will continue with(RESTART) the challenge BUT THIS feels more appropriate.    

The overall concept is pretty straight forward and has been done before but anyway, I always hear and come across the philosophy that it takes 30 days to develop a habit. As of late, I feel as though I’m developing bad habits. I’m lazy, by my standards, if no one else’s. The idea is that we devote 30-Days to things that will “help us” in life. I’ve come up with the general criteria of what it is that I’m doing like this, 

  1. Things I want to try
  2. Things I’m bad at
  3. Things I should do
  4. Things I should abstain from
  5. Things I hate
  6. Things I’m already doing














1AM-Woke up sore from yesterday’s workout, but I feel good in terms of my morale.

Made a small breakfast that I ate before leaving as well as taking a lunch for later while I’m out of the house.

**Listening to Metallica- Kill Em’ All Album

4:30AM-I’m working with an older guy who always blah, blah, blah…

NOON- No time to run errands; dad just called I have to drive up to rockland county to help out with blah, blah, blah. 

**BlackStar First Album

6PM- Lunch[Chicken, Bacon Hero+Fruit Cup+Water=450 Cal.

**Joey Badazz- All Amerikkkan Badazz 

SUMMATION- Literal questions we will be asking everyday.

*What Did We Do?

*What Result Did We Yield?

*How Do We Feel About Those Results?

*What Could We Do Differently?

-If we’re happy with the results, what steps can we take to improve on what’s been done.

-If we’re unhappy with the results, then what steps to make things better?

Day’s Diet( The most self-indulgent portion but the one I’m most excited about)

Food, Music, Audiobooks, Movies, Etc., 

Another One…

I’m writing Day 1 (Aug 31) alongside this post but felt it deserved a little prologue before I just start popping up on people’s devices with a coke and a smile. 


I will be posting Day 1 tonight(Aug 31, 2022 at 8PM and going forward that will be our personal deadline for posting. (8PM being more of a desired goal to reach than a make or break thing.)

Executives, I’m trying! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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