Thank You, Universe, God, You(yes, YOU) and Me Too!

Before I begin, I just want to say anything I have today(primarily, a better understanding) is a by-product of being fortunate. I believe in my abilities, vision and I’m developing the work ethic, but the truth is I’ve been lucky and would like to acknowledge that first.

Brass Tacks

Boom! Having said that, let’s get into it, Executives! We’ve been through ups and downs this year! All of them of my own doing, but I’m ok with that! We’re a better man for it!

We quit our job, found another job, quit that job! After a little soul searching, said fuck trying to find another job, I’m going to be my own boss and have spent the last 4-5 months trying bring that “truth” to fruition!… I’m not quite there but I’m as close to freedom as I’ve ever been.

Independent Contractor

I’m working two gigs, per-diem; both involve driving. I start before the sun is up and end my day(driving-wise)right around noon. People are easier to deal with by-and-large earlier in the day; doormen don’t want to be bothered, and Martha just wants her coffee hot, with extra napkins in the bag🤷🏾‍♂️ Simple!

As you can imagine my mornings are extremely smooth. So much so, to the point that it really doesn’t feel like work, aside from the natural “tired feeling” that progressively comes over a person.

But as a result of the laid back nature of my day, by the time I “get off” and get home to “work” on blog content I’m ready to collapse onto my bed and punch out😴 I almost always do, and on the days I don’t, I kind of stare at my ceiling in a trance for an hour and THEN pass out! So, I just decided to not fight gravity and “pencil in” that time for dissociating, sleep or whatever; it’s free time.

My Day

1:30-1:45AM-Wake Up


7-12PM- Work-HubLife


2-6PM-Work(Blog Stuff)


7PM-1:30AM-Sleep(Yes, sleep is scheduled!)

This is literally my schedule down to the scheduled sleep time and dissociating!😅

Me, Myself and Time

Boom! It’s 2PM and we’re shaking the cobwebs loose! Now, it’s time to blog! But… if I can be truthful, today(and by that I literally mean Sunday, August 14, 2022 Anno Domini) is the first day that I have actually been able to follow this schedule to a TEE minus the NAP but that’s a good problem!

Yesterday Is Gone… and That’s OK!

I’ve been on the hustle the last couple months and have been going back and forth between New York and Connecticut, mainly to handle affairs dealing with my Son, but as I was down there I found opportunities to see some people I haven’t seen in years and to skip all the “poetic reflections” and get to my point, I’m pretty sure I won’t be going down to Connecticut anymore aside from the occasional function if it doesn’t concern my child.

As a person who lives in THE CITY, I make it a point to pay attention to patterns of behavior as opposed to the individuals. I don’t have an opportunity to empathize with a person in passing but I can pick up and reciprocate the energy I’m given. Meaning, I deal with enough people to know when someone is being passive aggressive, dismissive, and so on and be able to not take it personal. Life happens and people have their own priorities. We’re just growing in different directions but everyone is growing and that’s most important! I wish them all the best!

But Back To Me! Someone’s Papi!

My Heir; The True 110Executive🗽

I’m going to skip the poetic reflections again and will get straight to the point, I want to be a father to my Son! I can drive for 60 hours a week and drop off Newspapers and McDonalds everyday for the rest of my life and still make music, film, blog and get some fulfillment out of it, if not monetary gains. But the thing I honestly want more than anything is to be the best father I can be.

I’m going down to Connecticut this week to sign up for a parenting class I need to have completed before my day in court.

I’m in the process of trying to get visitation with him, and as I’m doing so I’m really taking stock of myself and can really see I need to step it up!

I know no one has any reason to believe me or believe in me but I know I will be the best me I can be for him. As selfish as it was, the reason I stayed away for so long was partially because I was danger to him, and part cowardice but also, I never wanted him to have any memories of me in moments of weakness and I was a weak man.

I’m going to build my life around him! That is my measuring stick for success, how much freedom do I have to dote on my Son. While, I don’t see myself moving to Connecticut, I don’t feel I need to. We’re two-hours away from each other and hopefully as this process progresses and Me AND Him get closer (Inshallah); and bond, it will have a softening effect on his mother and who’s to say…

30 Days… Again!

I’m going to start a 30 Day Challenge, again. I started one back when I first started “the110” but that went belly up pretty fast, between inconsistency and redundancy; I recorded a 30 day challenge on Facebook and tried to rehash the ideas on TikTok and my blog. Same idea, more production value equated to less soul.

This time, it’s going to be less about any particular goal, and focus primarily on uploading a cohesive piece of content consistently.

Why is my shirt off? I don’t know… you’re welcome!😂 Just playing, Executives!😒

Tonight I will come up with the format that I will follow. Everyday’s post will have the same layout Example:

1. Gig 1:

2. Gig 2:

3. Playlist/Audiobook

4. What Ideas Do I Have

5. What Have I Done For My Son

6. Goals

Piece together a video of the day’s footage up to that point! I’ve actually been keeping up with my day, recording-wise I just didn’t really see a purpose for posting a video about my day out of nowhere with no real context or reason. Now we “have a reason.”

And we’re gradually sliding into that part of our life where we get to focus on what matters; LIVING! And the best part about it all? Is that we’re doing it on our own terms LIKE THE EXECUTIVES we know ourselves to be!

Long story not quite done, we’ve been taking care of our needs and necessities; LIFE!

I leave you with one of my Favorite quotes and a mantra of The110Executive, from the Irishman Samuel Beckett, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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