The Man In The Van: Van Life Thrifter Update

Executives, I was sitting in reflection like I tend to do and no one tends to ask about, and it occurred to me, I never followed up with an update following the hiatus post. Well… this here should serve as that and then some. I won’t do the parallel thing as much as I will just rattle off the facts as they are.

1. Work- I quit my job back in March and I had no real prospects, but I knew that the longer I stayed at that job my mental health would continue to deteriorate and that was a non-negotiable for me. Immediately after leaving my place of employment I tried to give driving cab a shot (I USED TO LOVE IT) and that fell through quickly for whatever reason. From there, I’ve been kind of doing a bunch of “hippie shit.” I gave street performing a mild attempt with the intention of raising money, then as was I scouting places to busk I kind of decided that I wanted to leave the state and backpack the world. That turned to thru-hiking the states, which then turned into buying a camper van and living out of it and traveling the continental US and North America to where we are currently today….

2. Moving- Before I continue, as I’m making these choices I have no income and things are very much on thin ice. We tell our land lord that we do not have, nor know when we will have the rent. Sometime between telling him and deciding I wanted to travel I resolved I wasn’t going to pay him! I was going to let the eviction process go through and just use the time to get my affairs in order. (The only one that I cared about was my son…) Also, I need a van!

Fast Forward > > We HAVE acquired the van!(Her name is Archie but again, that another post. We Have made ONE out-of-state trip(not-including Connecticut or New Jersey). We are working and starting a second job tonight(Monday/July 11,2022). We are NOT moving but still intend to travel as much as we can. The reason for the change of heart was pretty simple; MY SON!

3. My Son- While, I’m still far from the finish line, his mother HAS FINALLY BEEN SERVED and I have a hearing coming up soon. However in regards to my son I actually won’t be sharing much of those goings on for the foreseeable future because in a maybe not so narcissistic paranoia it’s been brought to my attention that certain information that I share may be used to sabotage my attempt to enter his life. Still, I’m close executives.

You know the vibes

I don’t want to be long winded and talk about the stress, or hardships(we’re going to save that for the other posts😅)… I want to be short and concise about the fact that We “THE BOARD OF EXECUTIVES…;” that’s what I’m calling The110Exec., Community. WE THE BOARD OF EXECUTIVES ARE ON THE VERGE OF WORLD DOMINATION!

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” –Samuel Beckett

Me and My Lady🖤

Executives, I hope to check- in later tonight, but if not as always, ¡Mañana!☺️🖤🗽✌🏾

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