Executives, I’ve spent the last couple days doing research and in a way “getting my affairs in order.” So, for the next couple days, possibly a week or so, I WON’T BE POSTING ANYTHING ANYWHERE, Social Media included(aside from reposting non-sense and maybe the occasional stories), for that particular reason!

We’ve been looking up HOW to thrift, but in particular what do our duties logistically comprise of. How do we run it where it operates like an actual business entity instead of a haphazard hobby(which let’s be real it’s how I’ve been treating EVERYTHING I DO LATELY) https://www.thebalancesmb.com/selling-thrift-on-ebay-1140442

We have also been looking up “Van Life” info. As much info as we can find. This is honestly still my favorite article,(attached link below) so far. Mainly, because of the re-read appeal mixed with the practical info it provides.

We’re looking into what kind of van I would need. A cargo/full-size van, think your uncle’s work van without the tools all over the place. If I can use an oversimplification, the “cargo”is in essence the closest thing you can get to an RV while still maintaining the relative mobility of a car. Then there is the more familiar minivan which mom or dad would take everyone in for ice cream after little league or soccer. THIS version is pretty much JUST A CAR with more room.

To oversimplify again… by what I have come across online, cargo vans are usually outfitted to be a studio apartment. A below 33rd st, lower Manhattan studio apartment… 😅on wheels. The minivan is more akin to a furnished room. Again, think lower Manhattan! I’m still on the fence, but honestly may be leaning towards the “mini” https://rbrhsv4.wixsite.com/gonecamper/post/five-reasons-why-a-minivan-is-perfect-for-van-life-part-two

As well as whether I should start an LLC for my “Resale;” thrift-flipping business. If I would need a holding company going forward and if my LLC could double as a holding company.



The last two things on my list for this week are ACTUALLY acquiring the van and finding a reputable dog dealer willing to allow me the opportunity to either rescue or adopt a dog from a van. I don’t want to be backhanded!🤷🏾‍♂️

In regards to the van, I’m currently debating if I should try a personal owner sale or go through a certified dealer. I bought my first car a 2004 Mazda 6, I named Matilda, from some spotty dealership in Ansonia, CT (Road Ready) I’m not the type to stop another from “eating,” but if what happened to me is their normal way of doing business, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE IN THE MARKET FOR A CAR TO STAY AWAY! It was my crash course in doing business; a great lesson in hindsight.

Matilda 1 RIP Maddie 2.0 Coming Soon!😭


The dog dilemma, in all honesty, is not really something I’m stressing. I would love to leave New York, companion by my side, but I’m not going to rush this process. This is going to be arguably the most important decision on this entire trip. An undertaking within an undertaking. The van can be totaled and gone 3 months into the trip, but this dog, wherever it may be today, when I get to it we will be inseparable until one of us dies. That is my intention. WE’LL HITCHHIKE BACK TO QUEENS TOGETHER!😅


Before we embark on the out of state cross country trip… I want to start with the tri-state area, start with New York, practically, it’s literally where I’m starting from and in EVERY WAY it’s where my story started. Then, Connecticut because it is my second home and frankly it’s a very dope state that gets overshadowed by its close proximity to not only New York City but Boston, Mass. Finally, Hitting uncharted territory when we reach New Jersey. From that point I will be learning as I go, same as you!

Executives, I’m excited to see what the next couples months hold but I’m even more excited to see how much I can accomplish this week, in regards to prepping for this trip. If I accomplish NOTHING that maybe a sign that we need to step it up a notch. But if it goes off without a hitch it could be a real battery in our back and more of a sign that we are right where we’re supposed to be!

¡Executives, check back in next Wednesday!

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