I’m Getting One!

Coffee. Getting rid of our possessions. Tutorials. Learning how to thrift. Immediate plans. Mapping out our course. Looking for a van. Looking for a dog!

Ended up caving and bought coffee… it’s been almost a week if not more. I’ve honestly just been sleeping too much or I’ll find myself in a constant lethargic state; just freaking lazy. Anyway the coffee helps us concentrate and for the first time in days we’ve been able to “think.” We’ve been devising our strategy for our “imminent future,” actually think of the “HOW.”

Then there is my room! Like clockwork, my room will be almost impeccable for about 3 weeks and then BOOM! A frag grenade goes off and my depression goes off the deep end! Or maybe the room goes to crap because of my depression… Either way that isn’t going to be a problem for much longer. I’m going to start proactively getting rid of stuff, put them out at say the bus stop near-by. I would put it out in front of my place but I live on a dead end street; strangers don’t pass by. Something I’m going to miss!


Aside from getting rid of possessions I’m trying to add on to my skill set. I’m torn between Amazon FBA reselling and reselling on eBay via thrifting. While looking up Amazon FBA selling I saw that a lot of people get their brand logo designs from a third-party contractor. And it struck me… I’ve been meaning to look into banner/logo making in a serious way. The110Exec’s., banner while not much to look at was done by yours truly. If I can learn the actual “standard” of what makes a quality banner I can monetize that skill.

That same philosophy is something I’m trying to apply to all aspects of my creativity. How can I make money with the gear I have and skills I posses and like stated above. My videos, photography, editing and so forth. How do I make people believe I’m worth taking a chance on?

Speaking about tutorials, I have also been watching YouTube videos about Amazon FBA and Thrifting and to be honest while both seem interesting the act of thrifting seems most “in-step” with everything I’m looking to do. Travel from state to state, pick up cool things as we learn about the places we visit along the way.

WE WILL BUSK AGAIN, WE WILL! 😂 But that will honestly be a vanity project of ours and something we will use as a tool going forward to meet people instead of trying to earn money. Primarily other musicians and creatives; interviews and possible collaborations.

Along with sharpening our skills and lightening our load so-to-speak, we will be mapping out our course of cities we plan to travel to. We spoke about wanting to backpack across the country and specifically visit Milwaukee, WI. Well… something has come up.

Instead of backpacking we will be driving cross-country in a van(our soon-to-be-home.) Milwaukee will be our first “milestone” but our overall goal is actually Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. We would drive to San Diego(a border town) and walk into Tijuana. I’m a psycho, I know.

While we do plan on stopping in Milwaukee; San Diego and Tijuana like we just said we will be stopping at other cities along the way and exploring them as we thrift, busk, create and just… “do our thing” at the risk of sounding like a wanna-be hippie.

We still have to purchase said van but it is in the works. Before leaving I plan on outfitting/converting the van for living I’ve been reading articles this one is my favorite so far https://www.twowanderingsoles.com/blog/diy-campervan-conversion-on-a-tiny-budget-in-less-than-1-week

And last but not least and the thing I’m most excited about is that before I leave I will be rescuing a dog and taking him/her on the road with me! I really want a bulldog but I’m willing to settle for a teacup poodle or a mastiff, whatever!

I’m Getting One Of These Too!😂

Executives, I feel as though with every new entry I keep adding to this pipe dream I call my life. Something I can say about it; the process, is I’m learning the importance of humility and patience. Things may not happen immediately and they may not come about the way you intended but I find if I’m willing to accept and adapt to my circumstances I can make the most of that situation. Which in-turn lends itself to a positive perspective. Feel good, do good. Good things happen.

But anyway, at this point I’m rambling ¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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