Before we start I honestly didn’t realize it’s been 3 days since my last post. Which brings us into the main thing I want to address. We need to call an audible. We NEED to do something else!

Executives, Tuesday was our second day of busking and our first day of actually trying to collect donations. For the sake of being honest like I promised when we started The110Exec., I can say without a shadow of a doubt that shit is not going to cut it! To put it plainly, we’re going to need other ways of bringing in cash consistently. That isn’t to say we’re quitting; those two days have really been showing me the importance of just DOING. But the caveat is DOING without PROPER PLANNING can only be so effective!

Some immediate benefits I’ve seen is that like I said before I’ve gotten the writing bug something serious and the opportunity to watch other musicians doing the same thing. But while that sounds romantic and has proven stimulating the fact is that I have a child and while he doesn’t live with me, I have a responsibility to him. We need a steady stream of cash.

The day didn’t go anything like I planned and I’m partially to blame. But the weather being pretty chilly and gray didn’t help.

I performed on 42nd street on the side of Bryant Park and once more at Times Square before heading downtown on foot. I still wanted to keep our “be in Brooklyn by 12Noon” goal, so figured we would just shoot straight down to 14th Street and then W. 4th Street by Washington Square Park. Street PerformerLand, if you will. And here is where I got the rude awakening.

I came across a jazz trio, young guys, very tight. They were playing bebop and had something of a crowd but for as good as they were and THEY WERE GOOD! Their containers for collections were empty.(**The importance of bringing “starter” cash to get the donations flowing will come up later*)

Something I really didn’t take into consideration was how I would feel the day after. My first day out was last Sunday and I felt great when I got home. My first thought as I walked into my house was I’m going to sleep great. I didn’t think that would mean sleeping into the next night.

Then there is today, Friday 5/27/22 and I can tell you the last 2 days have been weird for me. I speak on my depression from time to time and physically that’s how I felt. I’M HAPPY! Just physically out of it. It could also be because I went from performing straight into shooting photos for hours.

Thrifting And Reselling

Thrifting and Reselling is something I’ve had my eye on for a while but at the time I decided to go with driving a cab, feeling it would offer oh flexibility in schedule and it wouldn’t cost us anything up front aside from commuting. That week ended up being very expensive… I won’t expound. But the idea of thrifting and Amazon reselling is starting to grow on me even more as I see the majority of people who get involved with it tend to have boring stories and just sell toothpaste and toilet paper passively. That’s a day job I can get behind.

My Skills

What can I do? What resources do I have available to me?


  • Jingles and commercial music
  • Stock photography
  • Videography/Photoshoots
  • Photo-editing/retouching


  • Adobe Suite(Premier, PhotoShop, LightRoom)
  • Canon 90D
  • Maschine MK3 (Digital Instrument)
  • MacBook
  • Simple As It May Be The Most Important Thing Is My Internet Connection

I have been looking up how I can start putting these things to immediate use. I have been meaning to make a post about “making money” and this will be at center of that piece.

Again, I didn’t realize how much time had passed since the last post but that speaks to just how out of it I’ve been. Also, I forgot to take into consideration I’ve recently stopped drinking coffee… I may need to start up again.

I can make excuses but the truth is we need to do better. We plan on having more information next post about how we can make money using the above stated ideas and resources.

Executives, ¡Mañana!🖤🗽✌🏾

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