Less Dramatic. To The Point.

Executives, it’s about 7:30AM and we’re heading out the door. Didn’t get anything done yesterday but now that I think about it I not only got home after 11PM the night before but I was carrying around a guitar and a backpack full of things all day.

We’re getting a jump on today, leaving about 5 hours earlier than Sunday so like I said yesterday that should lend itself to us getting back at a reasonable time to chop up the footage for the day and blog about it if we don’t do so from out of the house; we’ll have Maccie with us.(Our MacBook)

Anyway the itinerary right? We’ll be heading into Manhattan and we will be putting out a container for collections and we are bringing a sign. Smaller and less dramatic than the first one I made and decided against using. The one we’ll be using today just has the blog’s url and a simple “check out my blog” on it.

My Tin Cup.

The plan is to move around! Try to get to the city by 9AM and move around. By 12Noon we’ll head into Brooklyn and do the same thing. Maybe even walk into Brooklyn via The Brooklyn Bridge and maybe post on there for a little bit before heading into the borough.

It’s 7:55AM as this is about to go LIVE. We’ll aim for 3PM and depending on how we do and feel that will dictate if we go on further or head home; performing in Queens AS we head home.

Day 4 no coffee! No headache😉

Executives, Later!🖤🗽✌🏾

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