We got our first day of street performing or “busking” out of the way. Didn’t make any money but to be honest I was too scared to even put out the bag that I Brough to collect any.

The overall goal for the day wasn’t to make money but to make it down to the World Trade Center and perform in front of people. Don’t get me wrong the majority of people didn’t stop to listen, but in general that’s more of the desired effect for me right now.

Is It Busking If You Don’t Put A Bucket Out?🤔😂

I haven’t been really practicing. So even though I’m fairly comfortable with a guitar I only have one song to perform.

Some people did linger and a couple even took a seat close by. A lot passed by very close which was the most important thing I took note of because going forward we will be placing a container to accept donations and the fact that people weren’t trying to keep their distance, is a good sign and increases the chances of someone “dropping something.”

Our Numbers Are Looking Better. We Need To Understand What Our Executives(YOU😉) Want.

We didn’t document the whole day but we uploaded REELS and went LIVE on INSTAGRAM. The LIVES only got 2 immediate viewers but it was a dope experience! And the reels were uploaded through the day and those did pretty well view-wise over 1,000 each. With each receiving more likes than the last.

Today, 5/23/22 we woke up more fatigued than usual. A result of getting home after 11PM last night. We recorded a video covering yesterday and our plans for today. I fell back to asleep as soon as I finished recording this morning’s video. It’s 11:45Am as I’m writing …(fast forward technical issue and it 3:45) this I planned on being out and performing already, something to mindful of going forward.

Say we leave at 6AM to start our day, a 12-hour day which would involve a lot of moving around most likely would still have us back in Queens if not home by 8PM at the latest, giving us time to work on footage and BLOG entries. Still didn’t tackle today’s “Executive Log” my video series documenting EVERYTHING.

The World Is Our Office🌍

We are more moving into full on Creator mode. Performing in front of strangers has given us the “writing bug” again; I started coming up with a 16-bar blues shuffle idea. After we finished performing for the day we put down the guitar and started writing this piece on the spot.

Another Idea, I have is to maybe go live as perform not the entire time but checking in periodically while I’m out on the street. Give people a feel for the city. Piggy backing off that last sentence the blog is in a position to kinda be a travel blog, but that is just a by-product of my personal life. Still, I think it would help the blog if we started taking a look AT THE CITY!

I’m a travel channel/food network guy, so I’m all about the family friendly wholesome vibe. We would look at the history of the city as it pertains to locations we visit (ex: Bryant Park has amazing Belgian Waffles and Dinges. Bryant Park is also home to…fill-in-the-blank) That would take donations and funding. And THAT will be our next entry. This is our business, so it’s time we started treating it like such.

Life’s been getting very interesting, a little scary but I’d rather be scared doing what I always dreamed of and yes performing folk-blues on the street and blogging about it is very much that, than anything else.

Executives, I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. Normally, I would say Mañana but I really want to make it a habit to upload at least twice a day going forward, so we’ll say Later instead. 🙇🏾‍♂️ 🖤🗽✌🏾

If anyone is interested in helping by way of donations our CashApp cash tag is $the110exec and GoFundMe https://gofund.me/3bfe2fb1

I need a better picture!😅

This would help with food, transportation and other expenses that help make this endeavor possible. The idea is we are able to not only focus on creating art for self serving purposes but keep these posts as well as videos and PODCASTS coming. Every bit helps and is appreciated 🙇🏾‍♂️

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