Executive Check-In #5

Executive Check-In #5

Executives, Welcome! To anyone joining us for the first time, Welcome. Quick summation of the post before we settle in.

Site Layout


The Return: Canon(Proper Name)

Cyber Culture/Crowd Funding/Where I Am Today


Site Layout

Our Blog looked like shit… very ugly. No links to any of our social media. No pictures to catch anyone’s attention just a paragraph of from the piece with the “title,” no featured photo; my fault, I did something in the customizer, still trying to figure that out. If anyone is WordPress savvy PLEASE FEEL FREE to drop a comment!😅 While trying to fix the site we end up “DOING SOMETHING” again but this time we in-effect shutdown the site functionally.

In a weird turn of events, the site being down ended up being a blessing in disguise. With no where to upload a written blog post if I had one, I decided to completely focus on the site’s layout for a day. The result is a much “sleeker” look. The theme places an emphasis on the visual.

Of all the work I put in. The video with the best numbers is a blooper. 1k+views/88likes🤷🏾‍♂️😅

Took the opportunity to add some info to who I AM as a CREATIVE, in stead of letting people play the “oh, what is this?”-guessing game. Still need to iron out some bugs, features photos proper links to pages with different content, written-work, videos, music and our index for our blog posts.


This one will be short, because it’s repetitive; I’ve said these things before but I have receipts now, so a quick brush over and photos to fill in the blanks.

I dropped all other “niches” topics or whatever. And have been focusing on “US” and “ NOT ME” if that makes sense. Not “hey, we’re (I’m) having a bad day” but “today we were going over our instagram analytics” or “we’re trying to shoot a patreon video.”

As you can see they’re very unimpressive but, we’ve been experimenting and honestly plan on using these tutorials, documenting the process.

We’re not showing people HOW to blog, but how WE’RE TRYING to. What we did, how we executed the plan and the result it yields. If it works, yay! If not, we make adjustments and at least you’re entertained and know what not to do.

Return: The Canon

We got lazy with the photos. At first recycling a couple from time to time, then we stopped bringing the canon out of the house all together. I was carrying a lot of stuff and that shit was just unpleasant.

We have our iPhone but the irony there is that I will have 1000 “selfies” and they’re all videos(it’s happened a couple times.) My head was just not in it, the quality dropped off and as a result people stopped coming here. Almost immediately, I remember checking my WordPress analytics for the day, at the end of it and my heart dropping from absolutely no one coming to the site. That continued for days. I didn’t like that feeling.

Narcissistic, much?

The other day we set out to shoot a patreon video and truthfully the day went pretty weird. We wanted to do this dramatic almost Bob Dylan subterranean homesick blues, cue card thing. And while we didn’t achieve the vision in our mind (I’m working on a proper patreon post, podcast and vlog currently) the day’s goal, the video, gave us a reason to bust out the canon. And since we already had it outside and at the ready we decided to use it, snapping a fair share of photos and some cool videos. -giving us the bug; check the gallery out:

The Matrix: Prequel

Digital Stage/Cyber Culture/Crowd Funding/Where I Am Today

Literally, working on a patreon piece right now. Less about financial need and more because I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to be doing.

I feel like I’m getting long winded and I plan on embedding the podcast and some videos, so, I want to wrap this on something of a serious, humble yet hopeful note.

I’ve been seeing “signs” everywhere. Videos of people who either live off, or are TRYING to live off of Crowdfunding/Fundraising. Most, to pursue content creating full-time. Some, are straight up just not trying to work. Either way, they have a “pitch.”

Didn’t Notice the lag until after, but one of our stories off of instagram. I think I’m going to use them consciously going forward to blog the day in real-time. Then upload them here after.

It seemed like a weird thing to me. And honestly it’s still a concept I’m wrapping my head around but then again, I plan on pursuing a career in Media, right, like I’m always saying. A big part of being an executive in media I would imagine has to be “the pitch,” either delivering it or receiving one. Who am I to think, “Hey, guys, I make ‘stuff’ now pay me!” **Also, I pitch this blog and brand “The110Exec.,” everyday to drive traffic to it, anyway.🤷🏾‍♂️

That being said, children are becoming millionaires playing with toys and video games. Retirees are earning low-six-figures from cooking recipes. I honestly just saw a video of a man on TikTok, who lives in a shed, somewhere, USA living off of the donations he receives for playing PlayStation4. Mind you, PlayStation4 , not even 5. But I digress.

The common denominator aside from their passion and dedication to “their craft” is their internet connection.

I’ve overcame a couple things. I don’t want to be repetitive so I would refer you to older posts to get the specifics. One thing that I can say without care of being repetitive is that EVERYTHING I have is a combination of Luck, Help and a little hard work.

A lot of bullshit, mistakes and false starts, but those things aside😅;I woke up one morning and decided I had to leave Connecticut and come back to New York; I called my friend Josh, and stayed with him. But we’re going to hold off because like previously stated, I want to do a proper post on the topic.

Don’t Give Up On Me☺️

Executives, we’re moving. Simple as that! ¡Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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