Executives Check-In #4

Executives Check-In #4
The razor is for scraping my bong😅

Executives it’s been a month and “some change” since we’ve quit our job at fresh direct and we’ve been all over the place. Very literal as much as figuratively; Westchester county, New Haven and Milford, the fetal position.

Levity aside this post is all “meat and potatoes.” No pictures. I’m 15 hours into what I can only describe as my first real day of blogging.

Not my first time saying that, I know, but the blog itself will show these results over time.

We drove cab for a week before realizing that wasn’t going to pan out and before that we spent two-weeks “working on the blog and finding ourselves.” We smoked pot, drank coffee and posted about shit we didn’t care about.

Also spent time researching and writing posts I’ve decided to not use.

Some posts have been good some were rehashing of previous posts; not purposely, but very much due to negligence.

But now It’s real life. I’ve decided I am not going back to work. Not in the traditional sense. We started a patreon and… I Think You get my point on that.

For whatever reason the prospect of HAVING TO START ONE; A PATREON WAS TERRIFYING. Then I started the account and the idea of having to tell strangers, “Hey can I get some of money you’ve worked for and rely on to live, so I can l devote MY time to make “ART,” made me want to throw up.

I’ve documented all of today by video, and will have it edited and up with tomorrow’s post. I really want to touch on WHO I AM and my reasons for my actions and this whole “patreon thing.”

Executives, the things I have been saying and the things I have been doing have been in direct conflict. I’m either Lazy, Lying Or Delusional. Let’s not sit here and be pessimistic, the indisputable fact for me is that THERE IS NO PLAN B!

Executives, My Name Is Kaire Mupya, and while I have to let you go now, it is my pleasure to finally meet you.

See you tomorrow.🖤🗽✌🏾

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