Kai’s Silver-Lining: Methodical Movements

Understanding the concept of conditioning.

Shaky Chest

My chest used to jiggle when I ran… don’t scroll away, come back! My chest used to jiggle when I ran and after a while it bothered me to the point that I went to the gym and tried to hit the weights. I did that for a about 2 months and felt a little different but saw no immediate change and STOPPED paying the membership at the first “inconvenience.”

Look At It Move, Dr. Umar…😂

My chest, however, KEPT jiggling. I’m still upset, but now I go to the park, up the street instead of the Gym. Instead of heavy weights 2-3 times a week for an hour, I go to the park everyday and do 10-15 minutes of body weight training.

Crawl Before You Walk, So You Can Do The Conga

At first, I can barely do a proper repetition without getting the shakes. And while that embarrassed me, nobody would go out of their way to shame or discourage me.

The opposite is true.

They would walk over say “great job” and from time-to-time give advice. “Use the dip bars for rows. It targets the same muscles as your back and as your back gets stronger you will naturally progress to the bar and proper pull ups.” Now, I do weighted pull-ups and dips (those aren’t too easy☺️)

But anyway, progress takes time. It’s a process!(Light Bulb)


I can’t just sit down and hope to write a “Good” piece in a single sitting, like I said in my last post, https://the110exec.com/2022/04/30/the-not-quite-executive-check-in/

I know the answer is a Content Calendar but I think I need to change my approach to it.

When I thought this was going to be a “movie” blog I came up with my topics and bought a calendar. But I thought the calendar was meant to designate the days I would work like a schedule.

Maybe that IS what I’m supposed to do but I plan on TRYING something.

The Method

Our First “Oversimplifieds” Originally planned on putting up alongside a “written” but it felt redundant.

Prioritize what posts I’m going to work on, figure out the chronology post wise, look up the general info I plan to use.

After which I would collect photos and footage that fit the topics.

Once I determine those details, we would open our notes in our laptop/phone and make “individual notes” for each post.

Topic (The topic matters, title can be after thought)

Bullet points

Add Photos

Rinse and Repeat

Learning Experience

Funny enough as I’m doing this particular post I’m literally doing the “process” in real time, hypothetically and came up with a very well structured outline. They say, “those who can’t, teach,” but I believe doing is the best teacher.

PSA To My Ego… Uploaded a video to TikTok That Recieved ONLY ONE view I was humbled! Time To Formulate A Plot!

*Not to go off into the weeds, but to piggy back off that last sentence, “it’s EVERY person’s duty who was “TAUGHT WELL” to pay it forward;” my philosophy.

“Executive Scene”- Take 3

I started BLOGGING via Facebook Story Vlogs and initially ONLY wanted to do videos on YouTube. But humbly, I can state we fell flat on our face, but this process I believe will help with even the video portion of the blog.

The thing is that the photos and videos will be coming from the same place. Primarily, screen captures from my phone and laptop and the same cameras on my phone and my Canon 90D. But for some reason the few times I WAS able to upload a companion video it was almost it’s own entity. And on top of that I would be under the gun trying to get it up behind midnight so they just weren’t any good.😂

Follow Up

I plan on posting a follow up to this post. With the end results of the process. -How long did it take me to finish a post from concept to Live-post.

*Might do separate follow up for videos*

In theory and hopefully in practice this should make working every day a very do-able and even pleasant experience we look forward to. With the ability to take a day for ourselves and not worry about falling behind. But, anyways…

With Enough Time Water Breaks Down Rock.

My chest to used jiggle, so I started working out. It wasn’t impressive, and it was very difficult. But after some trial and error, we figured out a method that worked for us. And we’re able to comfortably maintain. **cough•cough** (Metaphor!)


Time is money, isn’t it?… So, it stands to reason that ANYTHING WORTH ANYTHING will require patience and your time. I believe in you, if for no other reason than I know what it’s like to not have that support.

But more importantly I know what it’s like TO HAVE those 2-3 People WHO DO SEE IT! My Brother Sean, My Best Friend Justin and My Father who would EXPLICITLY tell me NOT TO STOP and that I had a genuine talent. [I’m going to re-use this paragraph, in a future post. I already know it!😅] And it was their words that kept fueling my desire to actually pursue this WHOLE THING! I’m really not even sure what I would call myself, other than “creative” because so many words could apply. But enough about me!

¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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