Cui bono? Who Benefits?

My Face Says It All, Doesn’t It? 😂

I’ve reached a point where I know within 5 seconds of someone interacting with me whether I plan on interacting with them in the future or not. I used to second-guess that intuition, but now I let it guide me. 

Cui Bono – cui bo·​no | \ ˈkwē-ˈbō-(ˌ)nō:

1: a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain

2: usefulness or utility as a principle in estimating the value of an act or policy

Who stands to benefit from the act.”

I apply the question literally to my day-to-day interactions… EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION WITH ANOTHER PERSON IS A GAME! A duel of wits!

So I ask myself: What does this person want?(Very Literal) What will it cost me?(Time, Money, maybe Dignity?) And is it to our mutual benefit? After I process those three things then I make a decision.

Don’t waste your time

I still envision ‘The110Exec.’ to be a resource for other creatives and I don’t mean “fly under ‘The110 banner’…”blah-blah, but to put it plainly, I want to facilitate, I want to be the Tony Parker to your Tim Duncan! Help you build this dynasty!

When I first started I wanted to reach out to everyone who had an artistic aspiration. I tried to and found a lot of those interactions led NO WHERE and it was MY fault because I knew we shouldn’t have been working together.

The interactions weren’t organic or really serving a purpose. I wasn’t doing much on my end and no one had much to contribute. In all honesty people were just curious and that’s fair, human nature.

Last night I had a conversation with a young lady that I initially was apprehensive about. She offered to give me “recommendations” on the BLOG and immediately my mind went “she’s about to shit on my BABY… I mean BLOG😒😂.”

I accept her offer though, because I’m used to the casual “so what is it?” before someone shrugs off what I have to say, but never had someone say they would like to give me “recommendations” on my BLOG. I’ll be honest I didn’t know how to feel. All-at-once I was annoyed, amused but most of all intrigued. 

I won’t betray confidences or go too deep into particulars but by the end of the conversation I was genuinely smiling and thinking about what she said. And it struck me very clear, that was a conversation of substance! WE NEED MORE OF THAT! Less idle chit-chat.

She wanted to know something. She was receptive to what I had to say, even if it was more self-serving to me. And she had pertinent information of her own to share. 

That was the first time in a long time I had a conversation like that. Living in New York City people have issues! Having said that, I have issues. It’s a big part of why I live here. But anyway, all day long you run into conversations you either don’t want to have, that serve no purpose or are a combination of the two.

In broad terms, again for privacy’s sake, she touched on the chaotic, somewhat confusing nature of my blog and while I initially doubled-down on my approach and still stand on it. I am now more mindful of my presentation and plan to make some adjustments. 

It’s funny like that. But in the same breath it’s common sense isn’t it? Some things feel “real” and others “forced.” Within 5 seconds of reading what she had to say I knew I was going to disagree, but more importantly that she was a person with something to say. I’m not trying to overly praise her or anything, but point out that I’m starting to be more mindful of that. “That” meaning “INTENT” I put it in quotations because it’s what I think it might be, to be fair.

To wrap, I don’t want it to come across that I think I’m some big business man or that I will immediately ignore any form of communication because I’m a snob. But that I am ever present, thoughtful and observant of the people I come into contact with and the last thing I should want is to waste anyone’s time.

P.s.- This is random but I’m pretty sure the young lady cursed me out one night, a couple years back… I think I tried to pick her up when I was really drunk. I never brought it up last night. I’m pretty sure she let me keep my dignity! Bless Her Heart!😅

Executives, if any of you made it this far thank you, because this one feels like a pompous manifesto-rant but I appreciate you all the same☺️ ¡Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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