Executive Check-In #3

Executives, I’m out here just winging it! I’ve come to the realization that while there is a time and place for “riffing;” improvisation, and letting the “chips fall where they may,” what we need to start getting in the habit of, is not only setting a goal and itinerary but breaking down how to achieve each step along the way!

I’m more than sure we will not be returning to Mt. Vernon to drive but we’re not panicking just yet. We’ve spoken with the landlord and have explained we would need more time. We need to find a job…(*Goal)

I believe we will get a continuance for the case concerning my son giving us more time to find his mother’s address. But I haven’t a real clue how to start, search-wise…(*Goal)

I want to genuinely meet new people…(*Goal) but I’m a cynical chickenshit.

I’ve completely abandoned the idea of art as a way to make money and have honestly given up the belief of labels and social norms; that’s my fake-deep way of saying I am just going to start putting my stuff out there. I’ve said this before and we have shared some demos, but have been pretty tight lipped up to now, but we’re going to take it up a bit! Thoughts that haven’t met a piece of paper yet! Demos all the way up to finished product. Even use this as a recruitment tool for projects. SQUEEZE THE JUICE OUT OF THIS THING AND GET THE MOST OUT OF THE BLOG!

The idea from here on, is for me to get off the soapbox and roll up the sleeves. Less long winded passages and more “content/art” sprinkled into these post.

I’ve reached a place I genuinely feel people are starting to notice, if not pay attention, again I say that in all humility, but I point it out to underline the fact that squandering any possible opportunity this uptick in traffic may provide is not on my to-do list. 

The last couple posts have not quite been up to my usual “writing standards” but that’s kind of the point, we’re adjusting the approach, saying less and hopefully showing more, very literally!

I’m recording more of my day and trying to do so in a way that would require the least amount of time to edit in post. Short clips, express goal(supermarket run, family court); share how we plan to achieve the goal, check-in periodically, stay on message. If we achieve goal, we can pat ourselves on the back. If we don’t achieve we can reflect on what we did and what we could’ve done differently.

We will be going deeper into the family court case, “job hunting” and socializing in future posts, though not all at once. We will tackle each of these with the respect they deserve. But with all due respect Executives, I have work to do. It feels good to say that.☺️

I plan on checking in Mañana my fellow Execs, but let’s not stand on ceremony today. Be Well and Peaceful. 🖤🗽✌🏾

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