I Give Up!(AKA… This Is A Personal Blog)

I Give Up!(AKA… This Is A Personal Blog)

People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care.

-Theodore ‘BIG TEDDY’ Roosevelt

LET’S ADDRESS THE ABSENCE! I’ve written 5 BLOG posts since my last entry, which were all supposed to be THIS ENTRY but I have decided to use none of them. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the “why.” And as a result a 2 week pause between posts.

Let Me Get This Out Also…

Executives, I have been extremely stressed, as a result I wasn’t confident in my posts and have been putting off posting any of them. However I should say stressed but not down. The stress coming from living in the most expensive city in the country and having no immediate income, but the not being down, the optimism I feel comes from knowing that this isn’t my first time in a tough spot. And worst case scenario, I will put my belongings into storage and take my butt to a homeless shelter and start this whole process over again. Not that I in ANY WAY want to go back to that but there is strength in knowing I AM NOT going to call MAMI(I’m Puerto Rican, don’t judge me) or DAD for help or a place to stay…

I’ve alluded to my time in shelters and on the street in past posts but haven’t expounded on it too much. Going forward I plan on changing that. I originally wanted to talk movies and life but the reality is, I speak more of my general day-to-day life than anything and those are the post that make the most “noise.” People engage those posts more. 

Make A Decision

So, as an Executive, the time has come to make an executive decision; we need to “trim the fat”… Bye-bye MovieTalk, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk Movies somewhere else; tumblr, twitter, YouTube and TikTok(TikTok is most likely going to be our go-to) we just need to make sure we’re focusing our primary efforts where they need to be, The110Exec. as a personal blog.

I actually stopped to read some of my older posts yesterday while I was traveling to Connecticut and have noticed while there are obvious “gaps” and “promises” I don’t follow through on, there is an obvious linear chronology to the events and it kind of reads like a movie… a poorly written college thesis perhaps, but there is drama and tension there. 

Ka(i) Can’t Make This Up…

My life is a freaking mess! I owe child support, filing for visitation with my son who is 6 years old and literally doesn’t know I exist. I quit my job a month back, have been driving cab up in Mt. Vernon I live in QUEENS but it isn’t yielding the return I need. My rent is due three weeks ago(you read that sentence correctly) My love life is non-existent, I struggle with Depression and adult ADHD, and I’m probably going to have to quit smoking pot for a little bit. That last one isn’t “a problem” but I enjoy cannabis and that just sucks!😅

What I’m saying is… I probably never had to sit down and brainstorm the 50Blog Topics(the original 50 will go in a ziplock baggie, in a drawer for future use) just sit and reflect on my non-sense over the past 15 years. 


My life is a cautionary tale to anyone willing to read it, but more importantly it’s been a cautionary tale for me. They say the wise learn from the mistakes of others while the smart learn from their own. I’m smart as hell, Executives and even that may be too high of a compliment to be a proper insult to myself. 

Digging In

Anyway, Executives, things keep getting more interesting and I’m only getting more dedicated and comfortable. Another thing I have been saying is we will be putting up TikTok’s as companion pieces for these entries. Well, we have finally started doing so and they will be embedded into these going forward. 

I’m extremely excited to see what the rest of 2022 holds for all of us! As always, I appreciate anyone who has had the time to make it this far. Even if you stumbled upon this by accident or didn’t bother to finish, all the same, I appreciate everyone of you. Not to go all “old-testament” on you but “The-First-Shall-Last-And-The-Last-Shall-Be-First,” none of us is better than the next and we all need to help each other; COMMUNITY! 

Let me get off the soap box, you guys haven’t seen me in 2 weeks and I’m making speeches… ¡Executives, Mañana!… Hopefully!🖤🗽✌🏾


Also follow me on all social media, @the110exec

Won’t be uploading the check-in video for today, because this isn’t an “official check-in” that will be up by tomorrow night. However, to anyone interested these are our first two attempts at the “Executive Check-In” videos.

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