Executives, you’re beautiful! Beauty isn’t gender-specific and more importantly it doesn’t identify, but I’m rambling. Let’s get to this.


We picked 3 index cards off of our board today and have worked on two. Goodfellas, which is of course the film, and the other was “What we started with vs What we should’ve” and yeah, I did write all of that on an index card, those were the two that we started attacking first. 

“Dynamics of a scene” is the third and I WILL get around to that one as well. 

It takes Time…

Originally, I planned on actually WRITING and completing the two pieces today and as I was spit-balling ideas onto the whiteboard and coming up with good stuff, it struck me if I sit down to actually write an entire piece it will take me the majority of the day. 

Not only will I be tired but I will still need to get to the other two cards and the only options I would have would be to repeat what I just did, keeping me in the same pattern I’ve been trying to get out of…

A Bright Idea

Or, I can take today to prepare what I am going to write tomorrow and  then, when I sit down for my 3-hour session that usually results in ONE piece, I stand to write TWO… Or at least, an entire piece and a good portion of another. Which will probably give me the motivation to finish the second and start the third, potentially finishing all three by day’s end.

It’s In The Cards

I tend to have a harder time deciding what  I am going to write, not so much the writing itself. I know I’m unique…[insert studio laugh track] The index cards we finished yesterday have taken care of that. We literally just need to walk over to the board and pluck a card off and that is our topic.


I have a notebook/journal that I actively use but I need to invest in a couple cheap notebooks, that would solely be for outlining blog topics. Try my best to put every index card I have up on the board, into the notebook. Possibly block-out some time and…[HOLD THAT THOUGHT…]

Boom! Epiphany…

I’ll just take the time to put all the cards “into the book” before continuing to write any posts! Not including check-ins obviously. If I dedicate the day outright, to planning, the only extracurricular activities would possibly be recording. We should have our index card in the book by Tuesday night at the latest.

Today’s Movies

Goodfellas-Today was my first time watching Goodfellas from a analytical standpoint, actually, I didn’t get passed the first scene today because of the amount of subtext, and having seen the movie before and KNOWING the film, it made me appreciate the picture all the more. 

The Maltese Falcon– Watching Humphrey Bogart play cool is one of my all-time favorite things. “The Maltese Falcon” is about a bunch of shady people doing a bunch of shady things  for this mysterious “falcon.” Complete with Fedora-wearing bad guys who add “see” to end of their tough-talk. Femme-fatales and Lots of shadows. 

Elmore Leonard Source Material. Tarantino Adaptation?… Yeah!

Jackie Brown– Technically this was yesterday’s movie but I was so focused with yesterday’s video, the editing of it I didn’t have time to mention. This arguably my favorite Tarantino film alongside “Pulp Fiction” for me, it’s almost like a companion piece to “Pulp Fiction.” Where Pulp Fiction is a nod to “Pulp Novels” from where the name is derived; “Jackie Brown” is the offspring of Blaxploitation of the 70’s. 


We will be going out to cab companies tomorrow and seeing if we can find a place that will let us… drive. Pretty straight forward. 

Job hunting. BLOG BOOK. 

Kai’s Silver Lining 

I’m tired and my mind is is foggy, but overall the last couple days have been forcing me to make decisions and more importantly it’s forcing me plan. Throwing up a hail-mary at 11:59PM and hoping people gravitate towards it is insane and not to mention inconsiderate.

I don’t know if these are part of the same quote of if these are quotes spoken by different people. But today’s words of inspiration are, “PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE.” AND “FAILURE TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL.” OR TO PUT IT MORE ELOQUENTLY “I STAYS READY SO  DON’T GOTTA GETS READY!”  

¡Executives, mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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