Executives, I set out to Come up with 50 BLOG topics I came up with 50 BLOG topics. My goal for today was not only to come up with 50 but the actually record myself during the entire process which I did. 

To take it a step further I used all 3 cameras the 7Megapixel and 12megapixel on the iPhone and the Canon. 

I ended up recording more than I needed and I found myself trying to squeeze stuff in at the last minute, like voice over and then my roommate stirring in the next room over, made me second guess myself so I’m trying to type up this check-in and edit the accompanying video in real-time. So this check in will be short and probably lack yesterday’s polish. But if I can get both up together that will be an achievement. 

I will leave the explanation for the video because… let’s face it I spent a lot of time on record the footage. It obviously won’t look like Inhad time to sit with the footage but I’m ok with that.

This Took Some Effort But I Love How It Came Out🖤

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