Executives, it’s been 9 days since our last check-in. Here’s a truncated version of what’s been going on with me also this is officially the rechristening of the Check-in, so this will be considered the first one

1. We’re finally doing consistent blog work, LITERALLY living a blogger lifestyle, I had to delete 1,200 photos and videos from this week, mostly redundant stuff, but a couple gems I didn’t realize I permanently deleted until after the fact. I document EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE I GO! I just need to refine the approach; have a goal, set an itinerary to achieve that goal, set a shot list based around that itinerary, takes notes for reference, and document the end result. 

2. This is the first BLOG entry actually USING THE TITLE.


-Shot Footage for our story part 2 tiktok

We documented the day as a whole, we started in midtown on East 30 and 1st Ave., at the men’s assessment shelter where I stayed before heading up to 42nd St/Grand Central Terminal to shoot another portion of the story as well as catching the 4-train uptown to Harlem. We stopped in front of the men’s shelter on 125th St and Lexington Ave., heading over to East Flatbush to our FINAL shelter of the day; the residential shelter, “HOTEL UTICA,” where I would be until moving into my current place.

-Went out and bought supplies to help with the BLOG

After our final stop; Hotel Utica, we stopped at the Staples on Utica Ave., down the road,  picking up supplies for the BLOG; White Board- $36, Post-It Stick-EaselPad(Cue Cards)-$37, Content Calender(MINIWhiteBoard)-$3.96-Clearance Price; Index Cards x3-$4.50; Dry Erase Markers+Eraser-$7.50; Sharpies x4-$6.50 [May have deleted the receipt photo🤷🏾‍♂️]

Our total AFTER TAXES was about $103

-Passed 500 site-visits, We’re Germinating

Also the Blog is finally start to gain some traction not quite hitting the engagement numbers I’d like, but I think that has more to do with my inconsistency in posting; silver lining being, that with each post I usually draw a slightly bigger, more engaged viewership and a couple new subscribers while becoming more comfortable in my skin in every sense. 

-A New View

I start my day with an excitement to experience the world and the nuances of people I cross paths with so I can write about it later. I consider myself an artist; singer-songwriter, screenwriter, etc., BUT BEFORE ALL ELSE, I CONSIDER MYSELF A WRITER FIRST! Might add PHOTOGRAPHER to that… I love capturing the “human condition.” 


The Most Anti-Climatic part of my week. I was so apprehensive about the process and how my blog would be perceived with “ADS” I put it in quotations because I don’t know what this is supposed to be promoting…

-That’s It?…

As You Can See, Monetization Has Been Good To Us!😅😂

It was literally the clicking of a button and I got a message saying I was monetized. It was actually really funny! I just sat there for a second refreshing my “ads dashboard” literally, saying out loud, “That’s it?!” 

-Have written 2 film related blog posts including first essay

-spent 2 days researching headshots for a blog piece

-Believe I have found “my formula”

In regards to actual BLOG work, the white board in particular has been the biggest help and game changer. The ability to throw up ideas as fast as they come to you is a very liberating and motivating feeling.

I can’t quite describe it, but it makes the entire process feel like we’re “doing something!” I feel like an Executive.

I need to start looking for a job seriously starting tomorrow but by Monday night I honestly think we should be at a point where we have BLOG posts “on-deck” and ready to go from here on out. But if my track record holds any bearing, let’s just see how things play out. 

Posting again tomorrow will be the first sign of promise. 


I know I spoke about opening up about my journey to get into my Son’s life and I haven’t said anything since saying that but I just didn’t want to put the carriage in front of the horse so-to-speak. But, we have put in the paperwork for visitations and have actually received them back with a date, April 21st, to go before the court so I will keep you fine people posted on that.


The other day I stopped at the DMV to change my address which I didn’t do… but on the way out of the building, The Atlantic Center(Mall), across the street from the Barclays Center, I was passing a Marshall’s and wanted to get myself a cologne and as I was trying to find the fragrances I found myself in the Boy’s clothes section and it hit me. I am a FATHER AND I ALWAYS think of ME FIRST! 

I have made apologist-rationales, telling some bullshit reason to myself before spending money on myself. I bought him two outfits to run around in, they’re hanging in my closet but it really hit me there in the toddler section… I don’t NEED ANYTHING!What I NEED TO DO is make sure sure that I’m ALWAYS PUTTING HIM FIRST, whether he sees me OR if I have no access to him. 

-Still Unemployed…

This one is self-explanatory, but not that I’m having trouble finding one as much as I wanted to give the BLOG my UNDIVIDED attention, before going back to juggling a job. Will look up a list of cab companies in the CITY and will be stopping in at them to see what is what. 

-Burnt Off My Left Eyebrow Cleaning Bong

This is arguably one of the dumbest things I’ve done since getting sober. I love Cannabis, Pot, Weed, Devil’s Lettuce, whatever! Some people might argue the validity of sobriety where weed consumption is involved… I would advise you to find a way to work through that. 

Anyway, jokes aside, we’re in the bathroom taking a break from our ‘headshot’ blog piece we were working on and decided to clean my bong, to breakup the monotony. For whatever reason while the bong is filled with alcohol, I put a lighter to opening where the Dow stem goes and it went off like a Molotov near my face. It was intense! I burned my eye lashes off, half of my eye brow and caught a light tan across the upper portion of the left side of my face… I’m lucky to have my eye and the actual burning damage is superficial, so… yeah, we’re good.

This weeks movies


Not sure if I’m going to wait 7 days between posts but I have been meaning to document WHAT I TAKE IN art-wise and even if I post what I’m watching through the week in “real-time” I still plan on putting up a weekly summation of everything. Not quite sure of the benefit yet, if any, but I feel it’s worth experimenting with. 













The Story Of FILM: AN ODYSSEY-2011

This Week’s New Book

You’re Next 5 MovesPatrick Bet-David and Greg Dinkin – Still early into it, but I honestly think it has had an immediate effect on how I am approaching the BLOG, if not life yet.

I will expound in a future post once I amble to “live”with the book a bit as well as try to implement the explicit tips in it.

Kai’s Silver Lining

This week has been stressful. Well, not-so-much the week, as much as not checking in, while sitting on all these notes. I thought a lot of stuff was going to go to waste and truthfully I do have a lot of stuff that I COULD add but the beautiful part is I genuinely feel I don’t have to. This IS my week in a nutshell. If I need reference notes for a specific piece on something, I have the notes in a file as well as catalogued, so I can find what I need when I need it. EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE.

This week has been the first time in my life where I operated ar my own discretion, and and made EVERY single choice based on what I think and FEEL. 

Another note-to-self: I need to start shooting less videos and more snaps.

If this week is any indication of things to expect, long nights of researching and note taking. Editing clips and Retouching photos until green and blue look like different shades of the same color. I’M ALL IN! 

The stage is digital. This is the stage! I believe in you and can’t wait to see you at the top!

¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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