Wednesday-March 23rd 

Executives, everything in this post was written in real-time, as things were happening to the best of my ability. I originally planned on using the following text as reference for a proper post with our usual photo-paragraph-photo layout but I got caught up working on our “Jesse James” essay which is almost completely done. As a result we’re just going to use the “raw” notes from my phone with minimal editing, I think it may read more like a spotty journal. What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t proofread this at all prior to trying to uploading. Also, I do have a video that will serve as a companion piece for this entry and I will be uploading that after this is uploaded to any who are interested my tiktok . Again this is still a learning curve, I’ve been doing this for less than a year. Still, no excuses. I quit my job to do this.

Executives, I’m very antsy and fidgety today. Very unlike me. It’s a very intense sensation. The one thing I do have to say is that it isn’t all bad, but at times it’s a bit much. Overall, it feels like I’m on the verge of failing or succeeding. The game winner went up, will it beat the buzzer or rattle off the rim and bounce off into obscurity; that was a metaphor. Time will tell now won’t it?

I’m on the Q7 heading to the Lirr to catch the train to Penn station.

Originally I planned on going to staples , picking up stuff for the blog; supplies. And from there doing a little “tour” of the places I passed through on my way here. 

Still going to staples but it turns out there is one in Brooklyn not too far from my last stop on the trip, saving me the hassle of toting everything around all day and maybe giving up halfway. So we’re going to start on 33rd and then 42nd after which we will shoot to 125th st and Lexington before hopping on the four train and going to Brooklyn. 

From there we should be heading back to the bunker(home) and piecing everything together. 

Again ,  THIS IS BEING WRITTEN ON THE First leg of the trip we will see how good we do sticking to it 

It’s 4:04PM as I’m writing this portion, we’ve knocked the mens shelter on 30th and 1st and then Grand Central terminal, we’re heading up to Harlem now, to the shelter up there. It’s honestly just to pass by the front(technically we’re not going into any of the shelters, that’s illegal, but all the same, I never stayed there, but that is the place I finally got the information to go to 30th and 1st, for assessment before I could be placed anywhere. 

4:56PM we’ve left Harlem have just passed 42nd st and are on our way to Brooklyn. I want to say by 7PM at the latest we should be leaving staples with our supplies and heading back home. 

Again, I know I’ve been blogging for a while but, I feel like today was my first real day of “work” I worked on a post from when I woke up and worked on it until I finished it, before leaving to start my day. And once I started my day I was able to stick to my schedule. 

As far dealing with your people l, this woman has sit next to me, it is about 5:03 and this woman and sticking her hands in my face and was just eating chips or something and then she started flicking the crumbs on to me. As she talks about other people being passive aggressive. It’s funny, she reminds me of my friends mother, getting addict vibes but I’m not judging just making an observation. 

Aside from that, the day has gone off without a hitch. I’m pretty sure I have crumbs from whatever she ate and worse than that, she’s playing with her hair with the same hand she has in her mouth… people, huh? I’m going to use this for dialogue.

7:30PM we’re heading home Executives, Stopped off at the Utica shelter and got some good stuff a lot wind so hopefully it’s usable worst case scenario we can do a voice over.

In ALL honesty today was AMAZING the initial nerves were almost crippling but once I actually got moving it felt very much like work but in all the best ways! It wasn’t tiring it was invigorating, I stopped off to get a coffee once I got to Brooklyn and a drakes mini pound cake, but overall I was riding on the high of doing not only what I wanted but what I loved.

Executives, this is where I dropped the ball, I stopped here and that has to be just what it is today. I want to have this up by midnight as means of developing a deadline discipline, not push it so close in the future but make sure I upload something every day. I’m confident tomorrow’s entry will be a lot more polished, also I’m documenting everything blog related, so it it should have more “Body.” -¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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