Nine To Five Is How You Survive: Life According To Kai

Executives, I quit my job yesterday. I’m going to be honest, I have no immediate prospects. I will be monetizing the blog today, that’s right, we’re selling out, going “Black Album”… Not Jay-z… Metallica. Actually, at our level of quality and productivity we’re probably something more of a “Load”… A bloody discharge of something that used to be beautiful! Anyway, hope all is well! Let’s get busy!

Dame Un Break(Hold Up)

I was supposed to upload this post last night along with the “The Proper Blogging Setup… For Me” post but my nerves wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t even type. I have a history of making “drastic changes” but in all honesty I was always drunk making those choices, or needed to make those choices in response to something I did drunk. Yesterday was the first time doing so, stone cold sober! 

Quitting My Job

Waking up, yesterday at 4AM looking at my phone waiting for the alarm to go off(4:50AM) I decided, then and there, I’m not going back; to all who are new to the BLOG; I got suspended from work for a bunch of reasons but to put it plainly, insubordination. You can read it about it here.

I texted my manager a little bit before 6AM and told I was not returning, and I appreciated the opportunity. Then I sat in my bedroom and had a nervous breakdown, for the better part of day.

Talking The Talk

An underlying motif of this BLOG and the fundamental core belief that I base all of my decisions, is that WE ARE ALL BOSSES; Executives! Even IF we work for someone else, we have the ability to go out on our own. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting for that right moment or that “push” right? 

I found myself in that state of mind. I’m always talking about what I GOING TO DO and either FLAKE ALL TOGETHER or put it up late and probably SHOULD’VE flaked, I’m being redundant. 

Walking The Talk (You Read It Right)

Laying in my bed, which lays the floor, I decided, I needed to make a change. Something that I been finding is that when I throw things away I free up my mind and make a noticeable difference in my life; getting rid of the distractions.

My job at Fresh/Direct which I can now disclose because I work for me now, well, I don’t work for anyone, anyway, was a distraction. And I feel as though it had became the biggest hinderance to my growth.

Let’s Take A Trip DownTown;  School Of Hard Shots

I always talk about my Facebook stories and truthfully my job at Fresh/Direct was pivotal in always providing a cool back drop for my videos. 

I worked “downtown,” the southern part of Manhattan; the Financial District, TriBeca and Soho. 

The 30-Day challenge was a real learning experience in a lot of ways, appreciating a good backdrop, respecting the finite amount of time available to me, to get my point across to viewers, avoiding/dealing with harassment and hecklers.

These Shoes Don’t Fit Anymore

As much I have grown to love the area and the vibe of it, and appreciate the lessons I’ve learned while at Fresh/Direct; dealing with psychos. I do not see myself getting up at 4:50AM, to be at Spring St & 6th Ave(reason for always sharing the cross streets is because Manhattan, geographically is on a grid system, just helps) by 6:30AM, to post a story, talk about how I had a decent day at work and plan on writing something, then fall asleep because I’ve been up since 4:50AM, doing physical labor. Then I will apologize and attempt to write the piece, while having a piece FOR THAT DAY to work on and so, that cycle repeats itself.

Going To LIVE Like A BLOGGER From Now On

Taking a step back, I’m going to take today to plan out the rest of my week as well as picking up some supplies to help with the overall productivity of the Blog; WhiteBoard, Cue Card, Index Cards. Also, I’m going to shoot into Manhattan because I’m want to do something of a background piece, an introduction to who I am, for tomorrow. So I figured, if I buy the supplies in Manhattan I can make a couple stops in the city and kill two birds one stone(sorry vegans)

How You Gonna Get Fresh?!

While, I did quit my job and I said I’m going to buy supplies for the blog(NECESSITIES), I haven’t monetized; by the time this is uploaded I probably will, (literal, pennies on the dollar…) but as of right now, I haven’t monetized and I do not have an amount of money that can float me until then, I need to find a way to make money. Truthfully, I plan on going back to driving cab. It will allow me to still see the city and “keep my finger on the pulse” while operating at my discretion for the majority of the day; downtime is in abundance and even though you are dealing with people, sometime difficult, they’re either in a rush or have somewhere to be so the interaction is usually quick and painless. 

Silver Lining

You’re Telling Me, You Don’t Confide In That Face?!

To put it plainly, I finally feel like I’m taking a REAL step towards being the Executive I aspire to be. I have NO BOSS and intend to do exactly what I want from here on out, even if I find a job under someone else in the mean time, freedom is a must(driver, private contractor, freelance photographer, etc.,)  

If I can think about dying in a serious way…  then I should give living with  REAL PURPOSE as much respect.


Executives, if you believe in something and feel strongly about it, and share it with someone, who in turn, gives you anything less than support, just know that I believe in you. I’m sharing my story and experiences because I want you to feel less apprehension about sharing yours. Or, at the very least, feel like you’re not alone in your pursuit of something “MORE.”

That’s the Empire State Building, BTW.

The stage is digital. This is the stage! I believe in you and can’t wait to see you at the top!

¡Executives, Mañana! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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