You wouldn’t expect professional painters to pull up to your home, which you need painted, with a fully loaded van, all the equipment and paint they would need for the job and then get to working with a sharpie, would you? Would YOU paint your house with a sharpie? No, probably not.

I’ve been painting my house with a sharpie. By that I mean, I have been using the wrong tools to accomplish the wrong tasks.

Making Due

That Dog Just Ain’t Gone Hunt…

Like I said in my previous post Expectations & Gratitude I had an iPhoneXR that got disabled and pretty much became a paper weight. That’s when we started using a $100 android, which left a lot to be desired. Pixelated snaps and videos, laggy service that would delay notifications; I probably came off like a douche to a lot of people. That’s life, what are you going to do?

Well, my father took what little money he had available to him and bought me a Canon 90D and gave me HIS MacBook Pro; I still have his name on the Device as a means to keep me humble. EVERYTHING I’m accomplishing is with help from someone else.

Doing Too Much

Again, as previously stated I started this Blogging Journey on Social Media with “stories,” which I still upload on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok if anyone is interested. But the thing was, I used my Android at first but between scratchy audio and a pixelated picture that looked like PlayStation graphics. Not 4 or 5, not even PlayStation 2 but raggedy PlayStation 1 graphics… I decided to use the Canon.

We’re going to skip the witty writing and just address the problems in bullet points.


◦ Camera is overkill for the majority of things I do, in regards to blog.

◦ I need to be able to snap a photo in a matter of seconds, if the situation presents itself.

◦ Can’t bring a 2 pound Dslr with mounted shotgun mic into a movie theatre or restaurant(you shouldn’t anyway!)

◦ Between the clunkiness and the weight it adds to my “day bag” aka “man purse” it isn’t ideal for navigating the city, UNLESS I’m going out with the intent to SHOOT specifically.

Check out this visual for better understanding:

Synergy… Not Quite

I’ve got my father’s head and mother’s wrists😩😂

When I started The110Exec., I originally planned on having a YouTube channel, a written blog, Podcast and as time passed I would have all three, but never operating optimally all at once.

Re-Enter the Workhorse: iPhoneXR

Someone close to me came in to some funds and was gracious enough to send some my way. I was able to turn my phone on and go down to Connecticut to actually put my paperwork in for visitations with my son! Something I plan on going deeper into, and I know I always say that and never follow up in a timely manner but I think going forward that isn’t going to be a problem any more.

Apple Isn’t Paying Me… But They Should

Not to sound like some wanna be endorsee, but I am very much a believer in my iPhone, as an actual phone, whatever, but as a tool it’s indispensable for my needs. A High resolution camera you can access as fast as you can pick your nose, a microphone that picks up clear audio and a smooth interface that allows you to navigate through apps without aggravation. And the pièce de résistance is the fact that EVERYTHING on both the iPhone and MacBook are on the Cloud, the devices are connected; photos, videos, notes etc.; they automatically upload and update.

Time To Do Some Executive Shit!

Time To Do Some Executive Shit!

Going forward we will be posting with more frequency, but to elaborate I know I have promised two essays; The Wild Bunch, which I have “SHELVED”; “The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford”, I am currently working on. In regards to the essays, they’re going to take a lot more effort and time than originally planned, but as far as “our board”; the general “movie-talk” and “logistic” posts, which make up the bulk of our posts waiting to be written will follow our paragraph-photo-paragraph formula which has been pretty effective up to this point.

Silver Lining

Things have been hard up to this point but we’ve endured, even if we’ve sucked the majority of the way. It’s kept us humble. But It’s also been a very needed lesson in dealing with adversity. If we’ve gotten to this point using nothing but shear will, passion and dumb luck imagine what we can do with a little experience and a shoestring budget. It’s further than we were yesterday, and that’s most important.

Good Vibrations, Peace and Love🖤

¡Executives, Mañana! But this time, LITERALLY, Tomorrow!😅🖤🗽✌🏾

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