Expectations & Gratitude

When I started this blog I expected to be up long nights, seeing all parts of the world not just the New York City-Metropolitan Area but the World CRAIG!


I would have experiences that would draw people to my blog and accumulate enough traffic that I would be monetized in a couple months and be quitting my job.


It’s been six months, the blog is very anemic. Aside from work I almost NEVER leave the Brooklyn-Queens-area and I almost got myself fired, a couple days prior to writing this. And honestly I’ve never felt better.

What I thought I Knew

Everything is subject to interpretation, and our perspectives can change. We look at the world as black and white, but the truth is there are subtle shades of gray; shadows where we find truths we never knew we were looking for in the first place.

The Moments>Money

Money is nice. Being able to buy something and not have to worry about your finances is a beautiful thing, I aspire to reach that point in my life. But what I’m finding is while I’m not experiencing anything anyone would write home about, it’s those things that have been my focus as of late and are exactly what I’m writing about. Well not writing… Cut to:

TikTok: Time For Stories

I’ve actually been documenting my life with stories. I originally began my blogging journey on Facebook uploading “stories”(short video clips) Facebook link is at the the top of page under the header, feel free to send a friend request or follow. We started with a 30 day challenge, and it was honestly one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. To the point where I’ve in essence continued the process of documenting my experiences.

Minor Setback

After completing my 30 day challenge, almost like “something out of a movie”, I’m gifted a brand new Macbook and Canon camera, a great. The drawbacks; a moderate learning curve with the Macbook and software; the inconvenience of toting a bulky Canon around; my iPhoneXR was recently disabled, so my go to camera, my sidearm was a beat up $100 MetroPCS phone. To cut it short, I couldn’t document things properly.

Major Comeback

Fast forward passed a rough couple months like something out of a sequel to our first “movie”, I am able to cut my iPhoneXR back on, as well as pay for the paperwork for visitations with my son. While I Originally planned on writing a piece about that experience I feel as though EVERYTHING since DELETING my hard drive up to now can be expressed in a TikTok. Which is what I’m working on simultaneously with this piece. I’m just going to splice a bunch of clips from the week and just do voiceover summing everything up.

My Motive

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m happy where I am in life. I want to quit my job and I want to move to a nicer apartment, maybe even a house if I’m fortunate one day, but I don’t care for material things. My Son, I desire to experience my son the way I wish to experience the world. I want to understand his motives, to marvel at the smart things I know he says. I want to make him happy.

I want to keep living a fulfilling existence, building on each new experience. Little by little, I’m meeting new people, reconnecting with old acquaintances and starting new chapters.

Moving Forward, Executives

I know it’s been a week, but I haven’t strayed executives. I still plan on uploading film related content. As I’m writing this, I said I was working on a TikTok. We are also working on a piece for “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”-2007; Directed by Andrew Dominik, which I plan on having up by tonight. It’s just passed midnight, Saturday, March 19, 2022. I’m confident we will start “knocking off” the index cards from our board.

About The Author…

I’m just playing, I’m not the type to type up my own bio after typing an entire article about myself… What do I look like a narcissist?!

As always, I appreciate all who’ve made it this far. Executives, Be Well! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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