Young Woman At A Window

Executives, Hello, I want to run a scene idea by you!

I don’t have any dialogue for it and I need to come up with a proper setup, but I know the general outline for the 1st draft. I  originally planned on just going over a brief synopsis of a post, but this kind of turned into a first draft itself. So Ladies, Gentlemen, Non-Binary, all are welcome who choose to be here, without further ado, I present “Young Woman At A Window.”

Exterior. Busy City Sidewalk – Dusk

A Young Woman is standing on the sidewalk, looking up, as people pass by. 

Cut Close on young woman’s face. It’s expressionless. 

Cut To Young Woman’s POV; An open window.

Interior. Living Room -Night 

Cut To: Young Woman’s Interior POV of window. 

Cut To: Young Woman, Face Expressionless. She starts putting her hair up. 

Cut To: Young Woman cleaning room, tidying up, really. Everything back in it’s proper place. She steps out of frame repeatedly, each time the shot is held until she comes back into frame before cutting to a different angle. 

While wiping down the window sill, a rag falls out the window. The young woman noticing, never reaches out. She simply peers out the window, leaning slightly. 

Cut To: Rag falling slowly before it settles 5 stories down, on the ground. Passers-by trample over rag.

Cut To: Young Woman looking out the window.

Cut To: Young Woman’s lips

                       Young Woman

               It’s won’t be that graceful. 

Young Woman places a cigarette in her mouth. Leaning back into the apartment, she lights her cigarette. She takes a deep pull of her cigarette before exhaling slowly. Lookng at the new cigarette.

Cut To: Young Woman closing a drawer. She wipes the top of the desk with a rag. 

Cut To: Young Woman sitting on the window sill. She looks at her cigarette. It’s reached the butt. She looks at it thoughtfully.

Closing her eyes, the Young Woman takes a final pull from her cigarette. Exhaling, she leans backwards.

Cut To: Woman stopping abruptly! Opening her eyes in a shock. She looks inside.

Cut To: Young Woman’s POV; A Hand is Grasped around her wrist, her cigarette still burning. A Man pulls her in. Never letting go of her wrist, He leans in and lights his fresh cigarette off of hers. 

Cut To: Man Pulling cigarette from his lips and puts it to the young woman’s mouth before she accepts it, taking it in her lips. 

Cut To: Young Woman’s Hand where the butt is nothing but burning filter. The Man takes it in his index and forefinger before pulling another cigarette from behind his ear with the hand that was holding the wrist. He lights his cigarette off of the burning filter. 

They share a stare and momentary silence before the man breaks eye contact. Looking down, he bends OUT OF FRAME to pick something up, SHOT HOLDS on Young Woman who hasn’t moved a muscle since being pulled in.


I knew it fell out of my pocket!

We never see what it is, if anything at all. 

Cut To: Man standing back up, into frame. 

Without a second glance he makes for the exit. He Stops.


              Maybe you should think it over a little 

              a little longer. 

He exits the room.

The Young Woman is standing in the same spot. She takes a couple of steps away from the window and then stops. The Young Woman begins turning back towards the window. As she is turning the screen fades out to a solid color.(Most likely Black or White)


“Young Woman At A Window”



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