Fade in: interior dark room, phone screen 4:30 AM.

Cut to: Protagonist; Me, looking at violently shaking cracked phone screen. I slide my finger across the screen, SNOOZE. I’m a Jedi…

I hop up, behind schedule, I usually set my alarm for 3:50AM, but I allowed myself a little leniency since I uploaded a post last night, even though I guess I shouldn’t be rewarding myself for doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Or should I be? We’ll come back to that later. Out of bed, dressed, and with a hop, skip and a jump I’m heading out the door, camera-in-hand. Going to try and capture footage again, but this time with an emphasis on Soc. Media; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. 

I’m going to try and document my work life, or my life until I don’t have to work for someone else anymore. I won’t be able to film nor do I want to, while working but I do see myself checking in periodically through the day. 

On my way home, I had 2 cups of coffee, 2 lollipops and an entire pack of starburst! I was crashing from not eating all day and considering I wanted to do some shooting and recording after work I saw the insulin spike as a plus. I got off at about 1:30PM and and got on the train at about 430PM by 5:35 I started crash again, bad. It was kind of funny but I got pretty irritable, didn’t like that 

I physically had my camera out all day today except while at work(Didn’t take a break today), and on the subway and for some reason my normal anxiety wasn’t present. I wasn’t worried about someone maybe doing something weird, which is just a normal worry people have on the subway. I was present, in the moment, trying to see if there was anything I could I capture, it felt like a form of meditation, it was cool. 

To piggyback off of the meditation point, I have such a strong desire to create. It feels like my purpose in life is in some way related to content creating. I never feel more comfortable than when I’m addressing people in a Master-Of-Ceremony way; how you would speak to a camera, or crowd/audience. Not to say I’m good at it, but I’m comfortable knowing I’m committed to growth and expect to get better, as a result.

I actually shot down to the waterfront near my job. It’s the perfect place to shoot and all things considered the “traffic” is ideal, people jogging, walking their dogs, plenty of space to prop a tripod out-of-the-way. Not to mention you have the Freedom Tower(1WTC) behind you and Jersey right across the water. But, anyway, beautiful as it was, the wind was something fierce today, Wednesday Feb 23, so I couldn’t get any useable audio. I wanted to make a story for TikTok, Insta, Facebook. A reintroduction of myself, I need to capitalize on these platforms and what they offer in the way of exposure. 

Upon getting home, which was actually pretty late, I began uploading the footage I had on the camera and I ran into my arch nemesis, rendering?? I had 106 photos and videos and they needed to upload and render. This reminded me of the importance of having a shot list or at least an itinerary of things to shoot, I kind of have a whole bunch of random thoughts captured on camera. First video in months? It’s a start. Going forward I hope to see a noticeable change for the better. 

Not going to drag this too long. Need to work on the footage for the accompanying video. Anything that I didn’t cover here, I probably won’t cover in the video either… In all seriousness today as a whole is a first step, and the most important thing is just taking it, so that’s fine for tonight. Executives, be safe and be well!

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