Do you hate New York City? 15 minutes; that’s how long it will take you to answer that question, upon arriving. Some people love it. Some people can’t leave fast enough! What I am about to share isn’t exactly gospel, but it’s what’s helped me keep my sanity over the last 30 years; living IN, AROUND and NEVER MORE THAN AN HOUR AWAY from “The City.”

8.419 million people, according to Google, let’s round that to an even 8. 8 million people call NYC home. That’s 8 million stories and at least as many personalities. It’s in navigating those personalities where things get tricky; the devil is in the details.

Move With Purpose…(AKA Look Busy)

-Hustlers prey on Tourists and “Suckers”, the way Wolves stalk Sheep; move like you have an itinerary to keep and somewhere to be.

-If a stranger tries to stop you while walking, simply DON’T! 

-Say “No”, flat and then look and/or move away.

-Your silence equals “NO!”

Polite Is Rude…(AKA Don’t Hold It Up)

-Never  use 4 words when 3 will do; short, concise sentences.

-Never say “have a good day!”(Trust me)

-Treat “Thank you” like an insult you’re above.**if need be, a polite WAVE or NOD of acknowledgment(I call it the CLINT EASTWOOD)

-Eye Contact Is Optional, but I suggest keeping it to a minimum(it implies some kind of intimacy and that can make things weird, judgment call) 

Don’t Front…(AKA Come As You Are)

-Individuality is respected here, it’s encouraged, actually.

-Nothing will betray your mouth faster than your mannerisms(Coming off as a liar or poser is the quickest way to get written off, especially by potential business partners)

-Silence is ALWAYS better than bullshit. DON’T LIE! (Mama taught you that!)

Confidence Is Currency…(AKA Move Smoovly)

-Be Still (Fidgeting is not only a sign of shaky nerves but it’s childlike)

-When asked a question, pause for 3-seconds before replying.(Rushing to answer will make you look nervous/eager-to-please.)

-Do not Speak Over People or Cut Them Off(Sets a standard that’s to be respected during the interaction)

Cool, Calm, Collected…(AKA FUGGEDABOUTIT)

Getting offended is for the birds!

-Proving a point is pointless! “Charge it to the game”, “take it on the chin”, “walk it off”, whatever; pick an idiom! Just let it go!

**The last thing you want to do if you do if find yourself genuinely frustrated is show it. The majority of the time the ONLY thing people are looking for is the satisfaction that THEY got a reaction out of someone. 

They won’t even remember your face by the time they walk past you.

Overall, what all of these “techniques” are supposed to do is keep you from overextending yourself. SO REMEMBER: 




Confidence Is Currency; I REITERATE, MOVE SMOOVLY!

-Cool, Calm, Collected; NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL!

Let me ask you a question, do you hate New York City? 15 minutes; that’s how long it will take you to digest what you just read. If your answer is still “yes” after putting any of this into practice,… well then that’s unfortunate and I guess I didn’t do much for you! 

All the same, it’s been my pleasure. From one executive to another, Be Well, Family! 🖤🗽✌🏾

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