January 1st… (AKA It Was Supposed To Be…)

I Appreciate Every Lesson

I know all of us have been through quite the year! To be honest, the last two years have felt like one big director’s cut with the deleted scenes added to it-of-a-year…. Some of us are lucky to be here. Some of us didn’t make it. To those of us struggling to go forward, please try because we love you and want you here. If you need someone to cry with, I’ll cry with you. If you need to scream , I’ll shut up and listen. I hope you’re a step closer to your goal than you were yesterday. 

I wanted to talk about myself and go into detail into who I am as a person. I have been working on that entry for a week now, revising and reworking it. When I was overwhelmed with by a bittersweet feeling of gratitude this morning. I am alive and have another chance to work on myself. While the person I was has definitely influenced the person I am, the person I am is nothing like the person I used to be. Besides, who do I think I am to write a bio about myself, Nelson Mandela?(RIP Madiba) In all seriousness, I think there’s a time and place for who I used to be, but considering It’s the first day of the new year, I think talking about WHO I AM and PLAN TO BE is more appropriate. But we’ll save that for another post. It’s already written but I shot a video wouldn’t want it to go to waste. Back to posting regularly tomorrow guys.

As always I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. To quote the urban scholar and billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter, “You could’ve been anywhere in the world,(and TECHNICALLY you are, but at the same time) You’re here with me.” And from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it more than any multi-syllable word could express. I Believe In You. I Am Here For You. And As Uncomfortable As This May Make Some, I Have Love For You! I Can’t Wait To Meet You At The Top! ✌🏾🖤

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