1+1=3, Right

Hey Execs., I’m not sure if my problem is laziness or incompetence but I know I need to figure it out because some days I’ll sit to write and it’ll just flow out effortlessly. Other times(currently) it takes three days to write a single post. Silver lining, I feel strongly about the post, but it’s still frustrating not being able to execute something as originally planned. But I believe in the benefits of failing. Meaning, I don’t feel defeated when it happens. I feel motivated. Motivated to find a formula that works… because sheesh!


I’ve scrapped the original post two times already, but the good thing is I finally came up with an outline that I liked and actually made some real progress. I should be able to finish the post on my break tomorrow, AND shoot the video for it, but if you haven’t noticed by now, I have a horrible problem with procrastination. so no promises. 

Tighten Up

One thing I can say, the main lesson, or should I say the hardest lesson I’ve learned is that winging it doesn’t work. I’ve gotten away with it a couple times but more often than not it amounts to a lot of wasted time, energy and effort. So as a result I’ve I’ve decided to tighten up my schedule. Meaning set my itinerary for the day and stick to it! I bought a planner.

El Dia

As far as the day, it went smooth. Nothing to really speak about, but tomorrow I plan on stopping off and picking up a microphone and white board for the “bunker,” my bedroom.

Folks, That’s All

That pretty much does it my fellow execs! Another uneventful, monotonous day, but we made it to the end. However, I’ve been up since 4AM and it’s just shy of 12AM and I need to be up by 4AM, again. So with that,… PEOPLE, BE WELL!

As always I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. To quote the urban scholar and billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter, “You could’ve been anywhere in the world,(and TECHNICALLY you are, but at the same time) You’re here with me.” And from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it more than any multi-syllable word could express. I Believe In You. I Am Here For You. And As Uncomfortable As This May Make Some, I Have Love For You! I Can’t Wait To Meet You At The Top! ✌🏾🖤

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