To The Point

Hey execs, just checking in. It’s 10:16P.M., Tuesday, December 28. I was actually working on a different Blog entry, but it’s looking like I may not make the “midnight deadline” that I’ve set for myself. So, to make sure that I keep with posting at least one Entry a day, I’m putting this one up.

As far as my day goes, it went pretty well, uneventful. One thing that I want to make note of is that I didn’t blow uo on anyone! As random as that sounds, it’s a problem I have. The city is always moving at a fast pace, and it’s filled with interesting characters to put it nicely. At times it gets to me, and I find myself escalating instead of defusing situations. So, when I have a good day it gives me hope for humanity,… and myself!

To piggyback off that “interesting characters” point. The reason why I’m so mindful now is because not too long ago I had an altercation with whoI am pretty sure now was a mentally challenged man. I remember I was on the corner of Lafayette and Canal St., shooting a video for TikTok, I believe and this guy walks up to me and says, “Hey. Hey!… Fuck You.” The situation almost came to blows when someone stepped in. The “Mentally Challenged” guy said something that stuck with me, even though I wasn’t sure why he was telling me so. He said, “You’re shooting a YouTube video and telling people off… You’re not going to get any views that way. I hope you get ZERO views! I think about that conversation almost everyday. The two takeaways, 1: I could’ve just been kind to him, it costs me nothing. 2: He’s was right. Even though I didn’t start the altercation my reaction didn’t help. How can I hope to build a community when I’m alienating people? But anyway, enough of that.

I took a couple photos but nothing noteworthy to me.

Not going to lie guys, that pretty much sums it up.








But like I said I’m literally working on another Entry, and it should be up by tomorrow.

Also, over the course of the next couple days I’m going to try and write at least 5-10 Blog posts ahead of posting. This whole, Hail Mary, last minute way of going about it, is just stressful. But Execs, Be Well.

***It’s 11:35! Let’s see if I can type this up and have it uploaded by 12.

***12:12 just missed it guys, but I was motivated to get is up as fast as I can… Pardon the lazy post guys, I usually try to do better. Learning curve! 

As always I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. To quote the urban scholar and billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter, “You could’ve been anywhere in the world,(and TECHNICALLY you are, but at the same time) You’re here with me.” And from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it more than any multi-syllable word could express. I Believe In You. I Am Here For You. And As Uncomfortable As This May Make Some, I Have Love For You! I Can’t Wait To Meet You At The Top! ✌🏾🖤

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