Today, Guys. Today? Today is my day. I am completely broke like we’re probably eating oatmeal and ramen all week broke, but my mindstate is on Jedi! I’m on the train, Long Island Rail Road, it is 6:24AM, I’m two stops away and we’re making music!(figuratively)


I’m going to try to get my deliveries done as fast as possible so that way I can get home as fast as I can. I wasn’t able to go through all the photos from yesterday but a lot of the ones that I was able to see I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and “life” in them if that makes sense. I think I might have to add freelance photographer in my resume. 

One Man Crew

My favorite part of this whole process is that every day is a lesson. I initially felt extremely overwhelmed by the fact that I don’t have a team of people to help with different tasks. I literally have to brainstorm, write, shoot photos and videos and then edit and curate content. It’s going to take some getting-used-to and doing but I’m confident it can be done. 

Ace In The Hole

The video aspect of the blog is the part that I’ve been most apprehensive about because I believe it can be the most important tool at my disposal if I use it right. So,  I haven’t been in a rush to just start filming every little thing that I see. I want it to come across as thoughtful and deliberate not something that was just thrown together for the sake of doing so. 

Also ,music, I’m trying my best to find out how to incorporate my own music into the blog… anyway I’ll figure it out.

Fast Forward

Eff’d Off The Day

I get home and I’m dead tired. To the point that when my back hits my mattress, I hit the snooze almost immediately and pass out. Long story short it’s 1:00AM and I got nothing accomplished today but that’s life. I gotta be up in a couple hours, so I’m going to to just consider this entry a wrap. Check back in with you guys tomorrow.

(P.S.- Post Script)

Tomorrow’s post will focus almost exclusively on who I am as an artist. And what I plan (or maybe hope is a more appropriate word to use) to achieve artistically.

As always I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. To quote the urban scholar and billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter, “You could’ve been anywhere in the world,(and TECHNICALLY you are, but at the same time) You’re here with me.” And from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it more than any multi-syllable word could express. I Believe In You. I Am Here For You. And As Uncomfortable As This May Make Some, I Have Love For You! I Can’t Wait To Meet You At The Top! ✌🏾🖤

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