the 1st step… (AKA THE MANIFESTO)

(Trying to turn an idea into something more… )

From the outset I want to establish that a major goal of this BLOG, The110Exec. is absolute transparency with anyone who chooses to read it. We aim to be informative, motivational and funny whenever the opportunity presents itself. We are aspiring content creators in NYC and wish to document our experiences, efforts and feelings along the way to what we know will be a very fulfilling chapter in our lives. By “Our,” I of course mean, You, the consumer, as well as Myself, the creator(s). I want it to be clear I do not, I repeat, I do not consider anyone a member of any “audience” in the traditional sense of the word. I see no one above the other and the fact that without eyes to read, ears to hear and mouths to pass the word, we couldn’t hope to survive, let alone make a difference in this space we hope to occupy. We are all collaborators, neighbors in a growing community.

I’ve been trying my best for what seems like weeks… but may be more like a couple days to put this first entry together, but the obstacle I can’t seem to overcome is the fact that I’m not quite sure what it is I’m doing. I had a good Idea of what it was that I thought I wanted to do, and as a result I moved accordingly. I wanted to start a Blog/Vlog. So, I need a camera, obviously! I need a laptop. I also need an extra battery. That should be about it right?… Literally my thinking. I ordered my camera… It came in the mail… I opened the box. No camera bag, no memory card. I don’t particularly like to drop the amount of money I spend on things, so I won’t, but it’s a Canon and with that being said, it could be as low-end as the cheapest camera goes and I would still expect it to come with a memory card. All of my griping in the end is a result of me not being properly prepared. Folks, we’re taking the long way around to say that we have not the foggiest idea of what it is we’re supposed to be doing, but with that being said, I am more than prepared to put forth the effort to achieve the goal I’ve set out for myself. That goal as simple and insignificant as it may seem or be is to simply start.

All my life I’ve wanted to be in show business. That is the only thing that I’m 100% sure about… My desire is for The110Exec. to be a source of inspiration for all, not just independent creatives but people of all walks of life who wish to reach outside of their comfort zone. Our aim isn’t to build  a brand but a culture, a community. A safe space, where anyone willing to put themselves out there, can do so and feel supported. We are all  taking these steps together. Many of us feel like we can make a go of a career in entertainment, or at the very least we ALL feel like we can connect with someone else, but for whatever reason don’t know how to get started. As fellow creators in the EXACT SAME situation, we understand the frustration and want you to know WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 

What You Can Expect From The110Exec.

  • Frequent BLOG Updates
  • Info On “Resources”(Open Mics, Showcases, Independent Opportunities, ETC.)
  • Interactive Brainstorming Of Ideas
  • Photographs
  • Accompanying Vlog with YouTube Links
  • Growth

If nothing else, THIS IS YOUR HOME! You will never not be welcomed, and these resources will ALWAYS be available to you. (Limited and/or Non-existent as they both may be at the moment.)

To wrap, if I said I was an Expert/Player at Blogging, Vlogging, or Performing(IN GENERAL). I would have a bridge to sell you(The Brooklyn Bridge, obviously!) However, what I lack in overall KNOWLEDGE and to be perfectly honest and humble, TALENT… I hope to make up for in charisma and a genuine desire to get better. I understand that there is a learning curve to everything in life and with that understanding, the first part of being great at something is being bad at it. So, let’s be great together!

Hi. My name is Kai. From one Exec to another, the pleasure is mine.

I appreciate anyone who has made it this far. To quote the urban scholar and billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter, “You could’ve been anywhere in the world,(and TECHNICALLY you are, but at the same time) You’re here with me.” And from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it more than any multi-syllable word could express. I Believe In You. I Am Here For You. And As Uncomfortable As This May Make Some, I Have Love For You! I Can’t Wait To Meet You At The Top! ✌🏾🖤

All Photos and Videos Shot By: Me(Kai Mupya) **Photo Of Me Shot By: Marcus Carter **Going Forward Will Try To Cite Artists Whose Work I “Use” For The Blog**

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