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  • Fail. Fail. Fly Pelican!… (Template For 30-Day Challenge)
    Right, Executives, It’s Me!… No, but seriously, we took it upon ourself to just stop the “30 day challenge” short because we weren’t really moving in any direction. It was pretty much “I guess THIS is content” let’s upload this, but it was very uninspired. This isn’t so much a post as much as it […]
  • The HEIC
    Thank You, Universe, God, You(yes, YOU) and Me Too! Before I begin, I just want to say anything I have today(primarily, a better understanding) is a by-product of being fortunate. I believe in my abilities, vision and I’m developing the work ethic, but the truth is I’ve been lucky and would like to acknowledge that […]
  • What Do I Need To Be Doing More Of? (Day 1)
    Our analytics for were so bad as of late I think the physical domain itself was DEPRESSED😂 Jokes aside I didn’t realize how much I was taking for granted. No excuses we needed to do better! Having said that, yesterday 5/21/2022 was our best day analytically in weeks! While I hope this doesn’t come […]

The Man Who Wants Nothing Has It All The110Exec

The Wolf Of Wall Street, Elon Musk, “You pay the house. The house doesn’t pay you.” I “Made it” Already.

Executives, welcome; my name is Kai. This is The110Exec., my baby! That’s the only word I can really use to describe this thing. Up until recently, The110Exec., has been a written blog with pictures to accompany the posts.

And while it was meant to display my creative content, I would speak about my ambitions and my mundane life; my deadend job, my frustrations and depression. Well, fast forward 5 months, I quit my job and go back to driving a taxi… After a week of that I decide I’m not going back to ”work” for anyone else. Not in the traditional 9-5-punch-a-clock kind of way.

From here forth I am a full-time content creator. Devoting the rest of my life to connecting with others by way of my art and BLOG; The110Exec., and while I do not EXPECT anyone to just “hop on-board” so to speak, I do extend a warm welcome to EVERYONE. Men, Women, Trans, Non-Binary; all are welcome who choose to be here!☺️

Along with that welcome I would also have to humble myself and ask anyone who is able to please, LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW, COMMENT AND SUPPORT. And while we do have a patreon/cashapp(links are available), our ultimate goal is for as many people as possible to visit the site, so YOUR like, YOUR comment, Share and Follow are JUST AS if not more valuable than immediate cash. However, having said that, that isn’t to discourage anyone in a generous mood.😅

So…What Do You



My mental musings, observations, daily journal and “written works”(screenplays, short stories, poetry)


A fan of music but a lover of the feeling it gives, more. Influenced by HipHop, Punk/Garage rock, Blues and Folk music.

An enthusiast but by no means Mozart. I’m a “meat and potatoes,” 3-instrument band, circle-of-fifths-in-my-hand songwriter, who doesn’t know the fretboard by memory. (You say G on Low E, I say 3rd fret on the fat string or sixth one!😅)

I do however like to think I am a decent vocalist with a keen ear for melody.


My way of documenting the human condition; fictional and documentary.

Very excited to work with fellow creatives interested in collaborating on short films, shoots and vlogs.


My Frankenstein! Articulate ignorance on full display, dealing with EVERYTHING to do with me as well thoughtful musings and current events.

Had to put this one on the back burner for a couple of months but we’re back, up and running!…Well, at least recording.

The Man Who Wants Nothing Has It All The110Exec

The Wolf Of Wall Street, Elon Musk, “You pay the house. The house doesn’t pay you.” I “Made it” Already.